December 28, 2011

December 28th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

When I think of all the stupid 2-minute-long videos I watch and then remember I have this blog for you, it makes me cringe. What am I wasting my time on?

Yes, it's ok to admit that there are things in the world besides you that matter to me. Politics, religious issues, societal woes... fashion... But it's not as if everything I spend time on is important. I mean, really! How self-righteous would I be to pretend that what takes me away from "Sofia blog time" is essential?

I will try to write something to you every day. And I will try to do it without expectations (which is really difficult, because I have high ones for my writing and presentation). I will try to write without so much self-consciousness. What a wonderful thing that you don't know what that is.

So... all that aside...

Do you know what we did for Christmas this year? We went to the 'burbs as usual, but this time saw your aunties & uncles (including Jon, who you'd never met before!), my cousins, your cousins (2/3 of them), two sets of Grammas and Grampas (or, "Namp-na" as you say) and my extended family. Whew.

When your mama (that's me) was little, we did the same thing as you and I did last week: drove to one side of the family for Christmas eve, then to the other for Christmas day. Funny how I've tried to get away from reliving memories - and toward making our own - but somehow they ended up overlapping anyway.

You were a very good girl at both houses, lovin' on everyone and letting them lavish you with attention (not that it's difficult for you). You opened all but one present before losing interest, and played with everything at least once. We dressed you up as Santa Lucia and your cousin Connor helped you by presenting the cookies. Since the crown of lights was itchy, I just held it over your head like a halo. Adorable! Thank you for doing that... we haven't had someone little enough for Lucia in a long time. In fact, the last people to do it were adults - your daddy and I!

We have yet to do Christmas at home because Daddy hasn't found the perfect gift for you. He went shopping at will (a great feat for him, trust me) but dismissed everything as not special enough. He puts great thought into everything he does. You will learn that in time.

I'm anxious for you to open your gift from me. In the meantime, I built you the table fort, complete with white lights. This morning you crawled in there with crocheted bunny and read a book to yourself. Just when I think my heart can't fill up with love for you any more, you do something like that.

Until tomorrow.




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