August 25, 2011

August 25th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

Mama LOVES fall fashion. Love digging through all the fall runway photos, perusing the 700 page magazines and giggling over all the silliness.. you know, lots of people take fashion way too seriously, as if it were really important or could change the world.

It can't. But it is fun to check in and see what's going on with it every now and then.

Today's post is over at my (seldomly blogged on) fashion blog, One Third Life Chic.
Here's the link: 2011 Fall Fashion Preview


August 18, 2011

August 18th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

We still have no car of our own. The camry's transmission (part of the engine, what gives the power to the car so it moves) is busted, and we couldn't afford to fix it. So now we're driving a borrowed coworker's truck. We borrowed the truck, not the coworker.

And I found a car online.. but the guy won't return my phone calls or inquiries. I basically told him I would buy it upon test driving, so what gives? This is one of those times when I am truly baffled by another person's behavior.

What else? Sadly, there's nothing else going on. Mama's promotion at work so far has yielded a big fat 0 for more actual work to do. So I'm just a glorified receptionist. Mind you, I make good money for answering phones, so I'm not really complaining. Boredom is setting in as fall is just around the corner and there are no "new" plans. Last year we had you - something to look forward to, prepare for, anticipate.

Right now you might be thinking, "What about my birthday party?!" and if you are I'd be thinking you're pretty keen for a ten month old. Yes, I am planning the party. And it's gonna be great.

But I need more than that. Somewhere to go, someone to talk to, something to break in the long chain of burdens. Something funny, something inspiring. I miss the days when a painting, a song or a good book could do that for me.

I'm supposed to find hope in the Lord, and I do. I just don't get inspired by my faith. I suppose there are different kinds of faith, and I happen to have the burden-laden/heavy kind, as opposed to the lighthearted/joyful kind. Seems like the lighthearted kind is more inspired.

I'm not sure how to compartmentalize my life, put the burdens aside so I can enjoy something. Just seems like the burdens overwhelm everything else. The only thing I cherish is time with you, and right now you just want to be independent, roaming free. I don't blame you, but it stings.

Love you,


August 4, 2011

August 4th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

I haven't written in a while.. I'm sorry. I've been busy planning parts of your first birthday party! I'll post some preliminary photos soon.

We've also been enjoying the fruits of the garden. Rainbow chard, spinach, purple beans and tomatoes like crazy (or, they're green right now but we will soon have an explosion of ripe ones in three varieties). Not to mention the free raspberries from the overgrown bush of our garden neighbor (who doesn't mind that we sample them).

Next year I will plan better and hopefully be able to provide more food for you. But I'm learning! There are no limits to the garden, only my time and ability to get out there.

I wanted to mention.. we've had a lot of rain here lately. A LOT. It's one of the reasons our garden has grown so well. We are blessed here in the midwest to have pretty good soil - not too silty, sandy, loamy or acidic. We don't have too many bugs - even the Japanese beetles (I hate them!) don't like anything I've planted, thank goodness. The sun is nice and hot for long

But the rain is what has been the catalyst for our garden's success. Without it, plants would wither up. The rain is a great blessing to us.

It's not like this everywhere - God doesn't give the perfect amount of rain everywhere. Some places have too much and it destroys crops (plants in large amounts). Other places have too little, and plants dry out. Not to mention many locations that have a lot or a little rain, but the water gathered in pools to drink is dirty and unsafe to drink.

I've been thinking a lot about how blessed we are. I know I complain a lot about bad drivers (sorry you have to hear that; I am trying to curb it for your sake) and how money is tight (not enough to do much with) and other things. But we are richly given everything we need.. the car manages to survive day after day.. my job provides a lot of income for us.. the garden gives good food..

We do give some of what we have to charity. But I'd like it to be more. Here is something I'm considering right now, since I've been thinking about rain and water:

Donate to World Vision's clean water program and your donation triples

I'd like to encourage everyone who stops by this blog to contribute also. Water... such a simple and necessary element. What a wonderful thing to be able to give that gift to someone who doesn't have it.



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