August 30, 2010

I Feel For You

I distinctly saw a foot poke out of my stomach the other night.
Or, maybe I distinctly saw an elbow. In any case, it was pretty interesting. So I poked at it a little and it definitely felt like... something.
Not much of a baby update, I know: "I saw/felt something, but I don't know what it was."

How about some random pictures from this last month, too?

Big up Angela for the loaner clothes!!

Pousse and Nic face off. Pousse has already decided the bassinet is his new bed - BAD IDEA. Anyone have tips on how to keep a cat out of a baby bed? I should remind people that this cat has jumped to the top of a twin-size mattress on occasion. For real.

When they're not makin' lazy circles in the sky, we have lots of hawks near us (since we're adjacent to a community garden and a lake) that drop down to scare the crap out of the house finches. Eventually a big flock of little birds will get the gumption to chase the hawks out of the area. We snapped this pic just before one got booted.

August 19, 2010

Talk About a Bad Egg...

This is not a political post. It's about actual eggs, not eggheads in our government!

There is a massive recall going on for eggs distributed out of Wright County. The recall includes many states, brands and distributors (even Trader Joe's has some bad eggs stocked). Please check out the following link, which lists every distributor and brand of eggs involved in the recall.

Protect your health and your family's - throw out the bad eggs.

August 6, 2010

El Disparar en Algún Otro*

Must be nice to travel to Espańa on someone else's dime... Me gusto! Where do I sign up? Oh, right, my husband has to authorize taxpayer money for it.

Maldígalo. +

I'm just happy knowing the First Lady gets to vacation for free. Oops! The article I read did say she's paying for her own "personal expenses." Then again, she's not currently employed so...

Seventeen states have employment over 10%. And that's not including anyone who is employed part-time, self-employed or underemployed. Funny how those type of stats seem to get counted in the healthcare debate (i.e. "there is such and such amount of uninsured, including the underinsured," etc.), but don't seem important to the President when he mentions unemployment.

So while most of us are wondering how the next month of rent is going to be paid (and, for some of us, how the newest addition is going to be taken care of) Mrs. Obama gets to jaunt off on an unofficial (meaning, no diplomatic meetings involved) vacay with her daughter.

Remember when we were told to "use less gas" over the summer in order to conserve it? I wonder how much gas it takes to fly Air Force One to and from Spain. I also wonder how much it costs to employ, house and feed the secret service who accompany Mrs. Obama and her daughter. I wonder how much Michelle is going to spend on Balenciaga, Blahnik and Paco Rabanne while she's there. I checked; there is no Target in Spain.

Vergüenza en Sra. Obama.~

link to article, click here

*"Tripping on someone else"
+ Damn it
~ Shame on Mrs. Obama


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