November 28, 2010

November 28th, 2010

Dear Sofia,

Today, Sunday, is the Lord's day. We did not go to church because we haven't found one in Madison yet. Of course, there are many churches here. But most are so liberal that it just won't work for us to sit under that kind of teaching. There is one church that we went to, and there was no problem with it, but for some reason we haven't been back after the two times we initially attended. This isn't right; for your sake especially we need to be worshiping with other believers and hearing the gospel on a regular basis. I hope that we will start attending again soon - even if it means I have to walk around with you while you cry or fuss during the service.

You and I had a lot of time together today, snuggling on the couch after grandma and grandpa left to drive back to Minnesota. Then, we gave up altogether and took a nap. Around 4 p.m. I thought we should take a walk before it got too dark out. Somewhere in the process of getting the stroller from outside, fitting you into it and heading out, Pousse-Pousse escaped. It was probably my fault. We didn't realize he was gone until we came back from our walk and he wasn't around. Your dad and I searched high and low, under the bed and in the closets, but no Pousse.

Your dad and I both went out looking for him. Then I buckled you into the carseat and we drove around the apartment complex trying to spot him. Before we left I asked God to return Pousse to us, safe and unharmed, tonight. By now it was dark and cold, and I worried that he was lost forever. I've had Pousse since 2004 and don't want to lose him.

Just when I was going to give up and go back home, I turned into another part of the complex and the headlights shone on two little shiny eyes under an evergreen tree. I knew it was our cat. I stopped the car and went over to him, afraid he would run when he saw me. Instead, he meowed when I called to him and came right over to me. I think he was cold and scared, as he seemed grateful I was there to rescue him.

Do you see how God answers prayers, even those that we think are small and silly, like finding our missing cats? You will encounter many people in your life who think that someone asking God to find their cat is ridiculous, and that God has better things to do. Even though He does do many, many things that probably seem more important to those people, He loves us and takes care of us in every way. And that includes finding lost kitties.

We are thankful to God today for being so trustworthy and faithful to us, so that we can be faithful in Him.

November 26, 2010

November 26th, 2010

Dear Sofia,

Today is your grandpa Hank's birthday (my dad). He and grandma Lynn are coming to visit you today; they haven't seen you in person yet and are very excited to! Also, your birthday was October 22nd, so you are now one month old. I can hardly believe how big you are already, though judging by how much you eat that shouldn't really surprise me. =) I love having that time with you.

Today, the British paper the Express proclaimed that England should get out of the European Union. The EU is what they call Europe now, as they are aligned together as countries with a common currency (the euro). A lot of people think that, since England's joining the EU, it has brought upon itself a number of problems that are making the country worse.

For example, the allowing of incoming immigrants (many are muslim) to reside with learning the english language, and giving them special courts to rule on crimes related to their religion (these are called sharia courts, after "sharia law," which is the Islamic code of laws). That means that muslims who commit crimes violating English law don't necessarily get prosecuted, because instead they go to sharia court and it's ruled that, according to their religion, they can do things like hurt their wives physically, etc.

Here is a link that explains why the Express newspaper thinks England should no longer take part in the EU. I think that's a great idea! England has always been a great ally with the United States and it would be wonderful to keep our neighbors across the ocean on the same page as us regarding national preservation (meaning, keeping our national culture alive through the generations).

And here is a link to the movie trailer for "This is England" which, though not related to this news bit in the slightest, is excellent and should be watched by all who read this!


Families: Moms and Dads. Sisters and brothers. Everybody has a relationship with one or many of them, and each comes with a string attached.

Parisienne Farmgirl and I were talking at the farm about familial expectations. I brought it up, as family dynamics both fascinate and befuddle me. And, now that I have a family of my own (crazy!), I'm even more aware of the need to cultivate family ties and not just expect them to be present... or perfect.

I've also been thinking about what I really want to do with this blog. I love writing, but get overwhelmed by blogging because of the pressure I put on myself to make it something spectacular every time. So I've been pondering, what am I trying to convey, and who to?

Since Sofia was born it has become obvious. I want this blog to be something she can read sometime later and see what was going on in the world that was important to me.

My own baby book is sadly lacking in both pictures and content (maybe because I'm the youngest of three?), as is my knowing who my mom really is. It breaks my heart that the expectation I had as a child - that someday my mom and I would be really close seems to be slipping away ever more. Time and distance won't kill a relationship, for sure, but without a foundation it is difficult to build one up when we are so far apart. I can't bear the thought of that happening with my own daughter. The thing I want more than anything in the world is to be close with her, so that she can depend on me for all she needs, now and in every time of her life.

The format here will change a bit. I will keep all the old posts here for reference, but the look and feel will be different from now on. I hope it will allow me to be a little more honest with who I am, so that Sofia will have a window into her crazy mom's mind.

She is sitting with me right now, and the thought us always being so close is almost too wonderful to bear. I can't wait...

November 18, 2010

Toward the Future


November 16, 2010

Fly It Again

First he respectfully removed the flag from his bike because the school administration asked him to (because fellow students thought it was "offensive"). Good for him.

Then the national news got ahold of the story, as did talk radio, and urged the school to reconsider. They did, reversed the ban, and now this middle schooler can fly the flag of his country once again.

Funny thing happened though... hundreds of others thought they'd join him for his reinstated flag run. At least this time it looks like the offended didn't run over someone's rights. I think this kid is my new hero.

click here to watch the ride

November 2, 2010

Lookin' Like Fools With their Pants on the Ground

Does that title really fit the post? Maybe not, but aren't you as excited as I am for the mid-term elections today???

Is this the first time you've heard - or you yourself have been - excited AT ALL about mid-term elections? Heck, tons of people don't even know they're going on or plan to vote in them. Fine with me! That means only those who really want to overturn the debauchle of Obama's reign will come out and cast their say. HEAR, HEAR!

What races are YOU excited about? We've managed to live in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin over the last three years, all states that could benefit immensely from a change in leadership. Michigan? Sheesh, they might not go completely bankrupt if Granholm can be unseated. And here in Wisconsin the big thing is getting rid of Feingold. Thankfully, Wisconsin residents have had enough of his shenanigans and will probably oust him by the end of the day.

Are you in a state that will see some great CHANGE today? The change you can believe in? Ha!

By the way, I will be taking my daughter (I have a daughter!) to the polls with me today. I hope that alone is a testament to how important today's vote casting is, that I would bring a ten-day-old baby to the polling place. I just cannot stay home, there is no way I would not participate today.

Get out and vote!


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