April 29, 2009

Low-Flying Planes, High-Flying Coverups

I'm not buying the 'photo op' story to explain the low-flying Air Force plane at all. Since we don't have journalists (i.e. people who get the 'story behind the story') anymore, let me offer this scenario:

Imagine a servant of the U.S. government sees it being overtaken, overrun, with elected officials doing as they please... the free market principles, real choice (including the choice of keeping one's baby), the objective good being destroyed with every flick of the signing pen...

He sees Congress gain a majority who want to spend more money to create more programs that have been shown, over and over again, not to work (education, welfare, social security, housing reform)... bald-faced lies and outright defiance of the pleas of its constituents to stop abound...

He sees the newspapers, internet news sites, Associated Press, talk show hosts, celebrities, producers, filmmakers waging a unified attack against dissent of any kind against the President or his cabinet, Congress or the media head-nodders and talking heads...

Then, finally, he sees the President himself shaking hands with, bowing to, exchanging gifts, and 'fist-bumping' with socialist and communist, genocidal dictators in foreign countries (perhaps even contracting an epidemic flu because he refuses to close the borders and protect the nation's legal citizens)... those same socialist leaders celebrating his arrival on the political scene, laughing with him at the remaining Americans not willing to give up their freedom, their country...

What should the servant do when he sees all this? Blog? Call his representative? Lobby in Washington for impeachment? This is a desperate situation, something must be done quickly, it's a time for action...

Your country has been hijacked and is headed, headlong,
into a socialist dictatorship.

Could that be the message the pilot was trying to convey? Think about it.

April 28, 2009

Please urge Congress against supporting Sebelius!

On Thursday, April 23rd, Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) vetoed "The 2009 Late-Term and Partial-Birth Abortion Regulation Act” in Kansas that would have put important restrictions on the abortion industry. The bill would have placed important restrictions on partial-birth and late terms abortions.

It also would have allowed women or girls who later believed their abortions were illegal to sue the doctors. Their husbands or, in the case of minors, a parent or guardian, also could sue. It would have amended Kansas law so its language matches partial-birth abortion language from the 2007 Supreme Court decision Gonzales v Carhart upholding the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. And it would have amended the written information women receive 24 hours before an abortion to say "the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique living human being.
In rejecting this bill, Kathleen Sebelius has sided with her abortion clinic friends like George Tiller rather than act to protect women and children from the particularly horrific practices of partial birth and late term abortions. Be sure to let your Senators know about Kathleen Sebelius' extreme abortion record before the Senate votes on her nomination on Tuesday, April 28th.

Please go to the Susan B. Anthony List website to send e-mails to your Congressmen urging them to NOT elect Sebelius to the Dept. of Health and Human Services! The vote will be later today so this is your last chance.

Thank you!!!

April 25, 2009

To Honor God... by Recanting

Traditionally, recanting is considered poor form. It connotes a turnaround of one's thoughts quickly and, in some cases, so as to escape punishment for the initial idea put forth. Take Socrates, for example; he'd rather drink the hemlock than concede to corrupting the youth of Athens. Or, as an infinitely better example, Jesus Christ; He did not respond to the criticism of the high priests who sought to convict Him as the "King of the Jews." He had no choice* but to be punished. In fact, He wouldn't be The Christ (Messiah) if He recanted. In theologically reformed circles the charge against Martin Luther was heresy, in the rankest degree. But he, too, did not bow the knee to the church, choosing instead to take his unjust punishment.

Some decisions are not so controversial, or at least not in the same way. This past week the blogs, news stations and talk shows have all hailed a young woman for "holding to her principles" and "being consistent" in her Christian faith both for speaking her mind and, subsequently, choosing not to recant those statements, saying over and over again that she is nothing but "blessed" to have had the opportunity to be a role model for Christian, conservative values.

Initially I, along with every other conservative mouthpiece I can think of, joined in line to give this woman a congratulatory pat-on-the-back for standing up for our views (i.e. traditional marriage). However, with more reflection, I have decided to take back a portion of my support for this display. In short, this is a recant letter (which I hope will spark some discussion in the comments).

Let me begin by stating the obvious:
she said the right thing. A marriage is between a man and a woman and that is how it should stay, federally or at the state level, forever. We all know this is true and right because it is intended by God to be so. End of story on that part of the moral question.

The sticky part of the issue is: was this the right time, place and person to represent this view, in front of millions of people, children and future Christians?

Now, I can understand why we jumped on the bandwagon to support her. In the culture and age we live in, with true Christian men and women
so dangerously scarce, it's no wonder the first person in public to offer any semblance of a Christian ethic is applauded and lauded as if she were the new Paul. It's the same reason we endorse a radio personality or actor for merely saying they are a Christian. We are so in want for public profession of Christian faith that we settle for "my faith" instead of "my Savior." This is a sin and we must address it. We are to be separated from the world, not constantly looking for our place in it (2 Cor. 6:17). None of us- myself first- is a stranger to idol worship and we are to be on our guard against it at all times, and in all places (Luke 21:36).

Yet, I am empathetic; I know we are starved for Christian relationships in general. Let's be real; if you have both a pastor who preaches the gospel and one good Christian friend you can rely on, you're a leg up on most of us. So instead we look for role models and "friends" (here meaning people we can identify with) in the media, the movies, on t.v. and in print. I am ashamedly guilty of this. In fact, I probably spend more time listening to radio people than I do talking to people in person.

However, putting all these factors aside, we must return to the question posed: was this the right place, right time and right person to represent a Christian view? I do not believe it was. Think of those 'future Christians' in the audience, some of them children, and ask yourself the following:

The place and time are a beauty pageant, the stage set for glamour and physical "perfection" on display. Is this where you would like to find a young Christian girl? Is an event whose contestants are judged the best by their outer beauty something a Christian woman should participate in?

The Bible is clear on this question when it says the character of a woman is found not in her external adornment, but rather in a gentle and quiet, inward spirit (1 Peter 3:4). Consider also Proverbs 31:30: "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Or, Proverbs 6:25: "Do not desire [a woman's] beauty in your heart." Lastly, one I have grown spiritually by committing to memory, "A gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion" (Proverbs 11:22).
I truly believe the sin women struggle with the most is vanity yet, as I recall, the woman "committed to Christian values" had no problem stalking like a gazelle in her bust-enhancing bikini just like all the other women. In fact, her participation alone should be considered evidence that vanity is no stranger; we all know it takes a lot of effort to get one's body in the shape hers is in.

And what of the young men watching this contest? As they view row after row of women in tiny bikinis parading past their innocent eyes, the idea that only women that look this way, regardless of their character, are desirable is taking shape. Lust is being sown in their hearts, a devastating sin to men which, the earlier it begins, the more difficult to replace with purity it becomes. Not to speak of the images forever burned in the memory, the recollection of which will not coincidentally push out chaste thoughts. How will we explain to them that watching this is ok, as long as the contestants are Christian women?

In several post-pageant interviews with the young woman, she did not do what I hoped she would, that is, to renounce pageantry for a more modest way of acting as Christian role model. She clearly does not see the hypocrisy, but neither did I until today, either.

Let my recant be a lesson to all of us; to think Biblically, in every sense of the Word, before responding to an instance like this one. Let us boldly remain outside of the world, having compassion on it but not being seduced by it. Let us look for godly men and women in our churches, in our elders, in the character of people whose heads and hearts are bent to God and His law, who love their Lord and desire only to please Him.

Lastly, let us honor Christ, Our Savior and Lord, by heeding the reminder that He, Himself, "had no form or majesty that we should look at him,
and no beauty that we should desire him" (Isaiah 53:2).

April 23, 2009

This is what SEIU thinks of Republicans

SEIU is "Service Employees International Union," a special-interest group that lobbies on behalf of union members nationwide.

Here's the copy from an e-mail I received from them (not sure how I'm on the mailing list) regarding the recent right-wing push to block Kathleen Sebelius (the baby-killing, Planned Parenthood-worshiping dragon lady that she is) from being promoted to Director of Health and Human Services. Being one of those "crazy right-wingers" who sent letters to my Congressmen urging them to not elect her, I was not surprised to find SEIU's position on the matter to be, well, liberal hypocritical spin.

Check it out. By the way, the italics and bold here are theirs, not mine:

"Dear Victoria,

Remember when Republicans tried to block Hilda Solis?

Well, they're at it again. It began when a Republican committee member put a last-minute "hold" on the confirmation of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to be our next Health and Human Services Secretary. And now, while Sebelius awaits a final vote in the Senate, extremist outside groups are demanding that Senators block her confirmation.

The HHS oversees everything from protecting our nation's food supply to funding hospitals and immunization programs. It's also a key agency in fixing health care. But right now, a George Bush-appointed accountant is running Health and Human Services. (You don't have to be an expert in the Bush administration to know that this is bad news.)

Opponents of health care reform would like nothing more than to see the HHS Secretary's office remain empty. Ever since President Obama's inauguration, they've done nothing but offer blanket opposition to his agenda-many boasting a 100% filibuster record this Congress.

Unfortunately, we know this is just the beginning. Those invested in the status quo will do whatever it takes to see that health care reform fails."

Now, it seems to me there's a MAJOR conflict of interest in appointing a pro-abortion rights lobbyist to a position that would oversee, amongst other things, the reproductive choices for thousands of women. It seems so obvious it's laughable. Gee, I wonder if someone who threw a party for a pro-abortion doctor in her home state, which was co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, has any stake in pushing abortion over family planning and adoption efforts?

Nah. I'm just imagining things. I will now go back to my fantasy land. La la la la la!

April 22, 2009

A Very Merry Unbirthday Indeed

For those of you not in the workforce, today is "administrative professionals" day. I found this out when my office manager said, "happy admin profs. day" to me, to which I replied, "I'm more of a semi-pro" - after all, I only work 4 1/2 hours a day. But the thought is nice, to be honored for what you do, sometimes with a gift certificate or flowers.

But is this a real holiday? Compare the premise to the upcoming Mother's Day (May 10th), a day intended to honor your own mother for the hard work she put into raising you. [For some of our mothers, they probably deserve two such days, as they were required to raise people like me. Oy.] This is a legitimate day and purpose to celebrate, though I wouldn't use the term 'holiday' since technically speaking a 'holy day' is for honoring God alone. Mother's day is ok but, because it is marketed as a day to celebrate any mother you know, even outside of your own family, too broad in scope (it makes almost everyone special - and requiring of a gift to tell them so).

So what about admin profs. day- should one be honored simply for getting out there and performing a task? They already pay you to do it; shouldn't that be enough? It's like asking for a celebratory plaque for having not been sentenced to jail and, as Chris Rock says, "You're not supposed to be in jail!" There are many enumerations on the 'honor so-and-so' theme: children's day, grandparents day, Victoria day (in Canada). ;) Declaring everyone in need of a special day to be honored is redundant, isn't it? I mean, what else are birthdays for? When you celebrate someone's existence (basically what a birthday is), you are recognizing them as great for everything they are- a mom, daughter, brother, grandpa, friend, coworker, mechanic, pastor, etc.

Add to the list days set aside to remember this, that and the other, anti-racism day, international chickens day, national pogo-stick jumping day, celery awareness day, etc. We've obviously got our priorities out of whack when both celery and autism are on equal footing as 'things we should be aware of.' I'm aware of celery and autism. Now what?

Thus the problematic proliferation of subjective 'holidays' is threefold:
1) holidays are defined as suiting one purpose or person only (like Christmas is for Jesus);
2) one should not be honored outside his own birthday for just being what he is;
3) holidays should have purpose that is limited in scope, lest they lose their significance.

Now then, on this criteria is Earth day a holiday? What is the day for - are we to celebrate how old the earth is (controversial), or that it is (obvious), or perhaps we are just supposed to be aware of it (it's hard not to be)? Or remember it (can you forget it?)?

No, Earth day is for none of these reasons, explicitly. The environmental extremist (the only kind there is) will tell you that today is the day we honor "Mother Earth" by taking care of her. No doubt the lapdog media will promote this dangerous idea like it did last year with its "earth in crisis" global warming- oops, I mean 'climate change' scare. We will be compelled to "protect her" by recycling, using funny lightbulbs, buying hybrid (government-approved) cars, eating less meat and having less children. You see, the planet of Earth has been made into an entity, anthropomorphised from a mass of dirt, heat and energy into a living, breathing thing.

Now, hold up a minute. Is the earth a living, breathing thing? No. It was created (by God), but bears no resemblance to animals or humans in its eating, procreating, growing or social behaviors. This is mainly because the earth has no eating, procreating, growing or social behaviors. But the extremist greenie will insist that we the people - the aforementioned eaters/procreators- are killing the earth by, well, everything we do.

An alarm should be sounding for Christians. We are commanded to "be fruitful and multiply" and Adam was given "dominion over the animals." God seems to think eating meat and having babies is a good thing, especially if you also raise those children up to love God. And the first people did take care of the vegetation and animals, that is, until sin wreaked havoc, causing our ancestors to abuse the plenty God had bestowed on them.

But Adam and Eve didn't then start recycling and change it back to Eden. And the earth changed, but it didn't suffer. And it has been changing ever since.

Three autobiographical stories:

Back in the 90s I was a pre-teen environmentalist. Serving on my student council, I pushed aggressively to rid our cafeteria of the pollution-causing styrofoam trays we were forced to use because we didn't have a dishwasher. The reason we didn't have one? The dishwasher itself and the water used would cost too much for our liberal arts-focused school to afford. So, if we replaced the styrofoam with reusable plastic trays and a machine to wash them, we'd be sacrificing programs the students liked, such as art and music classes. It wasn't a trade-off I understood the importance of until art was mentioned. Hmm, I guess I'd rather have my creative outlets (a first lifestyle choice for me) than reduce our school's waste output. Instead, we lobbied the students to pledge not to use CFC hair spray. President Clinton even sent us a letter commending the effort (hey, it was cool at the time!).

At home, my mother was a pioneer recycler in our town. I remember many a trip to the dump with a carload of pre-sorted paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans, long before the days of city-issued plastic curbside bins. I liked to help sort and toss bottles, and sometimes my mom let me keep the $0.21/lb we'd get for the soda cans. The place stunk something awful, but it was fun in a novel way only a kid can appreciate.

In college, I was known for picking cans and bottles out of the garbage and carrying them until I found a proper recycle bin home for them. My friends- and especially my boyfriend back then- were appalled at this behavior and, on one occasion, informed me I would be walking alone if I continued that! I was also known to haul my own recyclables to the city dumpster site, even offering to take other peoples' beer cans and bottles from frat party houses. Now, that's extreme!

Nowadays I rinse and sort things, but I throw paper right into the garbage and don't think twice about it. When near a paper bin, I recycle it, but I don't have a moral crisis when I can't. And is the planet "dying" because of this behavior? No. For every person like me as a 20-year-old earth nut, there is someone who throws everything away and evens it out.

Besides, it turns out not having those CFCs in the atmosphere wouldn't change the outlook of the ozone layer anyway, since the new theory is the depletion is caused primarily by cosmic rays hitting electrons. The cosmic rays operate on an 11-year cycle which is controlled by the sun. And there's not much we can do about that, is there?


*Victoria, if she had a facebook or twitter account, would tell you she's on her way to buy some aerosol hairspray, just to offset the loonies who have bad hair due to saving "mother earth."

April 20, 2009

From Tolerance to Compliance

Forget about the Jeanine Garofalo calling tea party attendees racist; Perez Hilton far exceeds her in disgusting behavior towards a Miss USA pageant contestant when, after she responded to a loaded question about "gay rights" with a consistent Christian view of the issue, he called her an idiot and a b---h on his website. This is, of course, after he made sure he didn't vote for her to win (he was a judge).

We have now moved far beyond tolerance and into the outright demand made of Christians to comply or get out of the way. This is not just "shut up," this is being bound and gagged.

James White had a commentary, seen below. I hope you will heed the alarm sounding that Christians are going to be shut down in as many arenas as possible, with a violent fury we have not seen yet.

April 17, 2009

Celebrating our 1st Amendment Rights

This is where it all went down. Well, actually, it took place a bit closer to the ground. Use that as a metaphor for the ideas of the day: we conservatives look up and dream, but we keep our feet firmly on the solid ground of the Constitution.

It's cliche, I know, but true!

Gathering on the steps of the county court house after work.

These ladies asked, "How much do your kids mean to you?" There were a lot of dedicated mothers and grandmothers there that day. I overheard several mom-to-kid conversations explaining the different tax laws as they walked the block; cool!

I liked this little guy and the blue sign, "How many times is the same dollar taxed?"

One of the organizers of the event. I did not know when I asked for his photo! He was the first person I spoke to there.

The parade of protesters went around and around and around the court house block. Many people honked in support while driving by. We even got a semi to blast for us.

A simple, relevant question.

One of my favorite protester collages from the day.

This lady was thrilled to have her photo taken. I think she thought I was press (oops!).

Standing in the shadow of the veterans' memorial.

I loved this older couple's hand drawn sign. They had a third member of their party, but she ran out of the picture! As Centennial Farmhouse's Joni would say, "What a stinker!"

I liked her sign, but her shirt was funny, too: "Your i.q. test came back - you failed!" Ok, it's a little mean...

Large shot of the crowd. There were actually about 150 more in the park across the street, which isn't seen in this photo.

A duo of original colony flags.


With many more photos, I could make this post go on too long. I hope you enjoyed a taste of the tea party I attended.

If you were not able to attend a tax day party, remember there will be more to celebrate come July 4th. In the meantime, send photos and smaller version of protest signs to your congressmen. They DO read these and respond!

April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party 2009

Today we conservatives gathered in over 1,900 cities nationwide, including Kalamazoo. Apparently, a whole heck-of-a-lot more cons live there than I thought!

The day was beautiful, over 50 degrees. We rolled in on time, about 400 people strong.

Nearly everyone had a sign (I only had a camera and my wit; both turned out to be useful). Here is an absolutely heartwarming pic of a mom and her three young'ens. As they walked around the court house block, she explained the fair tax to them, and why small government is better. I told them, "You're awesome!" The kids were happy to have their photo taken.

Many, many more pictures to come...

Did you attend a tea party event? Tell me about it!

April 13, 2009

Taxes, Tea and Toilet Humor

It's a classic case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for conservatives this tax day. But first, a lesson in liberal psychology.

It seems liberals just can't imagine why someone else would oppose a law/bill/cause/agenda if it doesn't personally affect them. That's ironic, you say, since they champion themselves saviors of all "underrepresented" groups. But that is precisely the point; they imagine themselves as saviors, and no one else ("Democrats serve the people"). Conservatives are routinely painted into a corner, presumed self-centered, often with a contemptuous flourish that is embarrassingly puerile.

The tax day tea party protest backlash fits this theory nicely. Conservatives who- though not necessarily part of the top 2% being taxed to the hilt- favor protest against punishment for financial success (a.k.a. "trickle-up poverty") are mocked and derided for daring to make public their understanding of the Constitution.

Instead of looking below the surface of the policy in question (overtaxing the richest) to discover an overarching infringement on basic rights of U.S. citizens (specifically, the right to "the pursuit of happiness," here defined as financial prosperity), liberal news anchors prefer to tow an absurdly simplistic line and, employing a junior high "everything is a slang term for everything else" mentality, giggle at conservatives attending "tea parties" on tax day this year, attempting to faze them for being unaware of a slang sexual term involving tea.

I won't go into the crude details of the inside joke. You can look it up on the homosexual agenda-pushing Rachel Maddow's show on msnbc. (An aside: Is it consistent to call her a homo-fascist?)

What is my point? As I said in the opener, it's a presumable lose-lose for conservatives, so says the liberal media. If we protest, we are Richie Rich sympathizers and typical money-minded republicans. If we don't say anything, we are part of the disenfranchised GOP, adrift and confused about our fundamental beliefs.

But are we adrift? The general consensus that we lack a leader right now doesn't logically mean we don't have a solid group or our priorities in line. Perhaps we don't like the leaders we've been given - McCain. Michael Steele, etc. - because they don't properly exemplify our fundamental beliefs of small central government and reward-by-merit? If the tax day tea parties prove nothing else, they show an obvious kinetic, rallying spirit is in the souls of conservatives nationwide (1,982 cities participating: click here to find one in your area). Surely the thousands of participants are not doing so merely out of concern for their own pocketbooks? Statistically, we don't have that many people in the top 2%!

But, as Andrew Klavan would say, this is another sad attempt by liberals to tell us, "Shut up." Man, that free speech thing sure is a beast.


* Bonjour Madame - there is a tea party in Metairie!

* PFarmgirl - there is one in McHenry!

* CityFarmer - there is one in Crystal Lake!

* FGirlCyn - there are parties all over MI!

* Centennial Farmhouse - I know your plans are made for Detroit! :)

The Lord Rolled Back the Stone

Now after the Sabbath, toward the dawn of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb. And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow. And for fear of him the guards trembled and became like dead men.

But the angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from the dead, and behold, he is going before you to Galilee; there you will see him. See, I have told you."

So they departed quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples. And behold, Jesus met them and said, "Greetings!" And they came up and took hold of his feet and worshiped him.

April 10, 2009

Update on the Red Envelope campaign

A very helpful commenter on my post about- among other things- Red Envelope day responded with the following:

"The official red envelope count is 2.25 million sent on March 31 (confirmed by the White House mailroom). I am pretty sure 1 million were sent before the 31--that amounts to about 20,000 a day for the two months before March 31."

Wow! That's a lot of support for the pro life movement! Thanks to everyone who participated.

April 9, 2009

One More McCain for the Road

... As in, please hit the road. I'm talking to you, Meghan McCain.

Since when does a 24-year-old, art history-majoring nobody get a) a prime spot as a political commentator on the web and b) a book deal?? Hmm... Flash back to yours truly as a twenty-four year old cad (and an art major, too!). If you had asked me where I thought the future of the democratic party was, I can bet you bottom dollar you wouldn't give two cents for my opinion. And why is that? Because all I knew was what I learned in liberal arts school, and what I had in my intuition bag.

Now, my intuitions are pretty decent. But frankly I just don't know enough about the political landscape to be so arrogant as to accept a book deal! In fact, stop reading this right now!

Just kidding.

In case you were wondering, Meghan says the future of the republican party is in, like, using Facebook. 'Cause, you know, democrats have utilized it for slicker packaging of their message. And that's the real reason we have the President that we do.

News flash, Megs, just because you're on Facebook doesn't mean the success of the republican party is.

All this from the girl who joined in the pack mentality on the View against Laura Ingraham! Pay some respect, chica. Ai ya...

Last day to submit comments regarding conscience clause

Today is your last chance to submit a comment in support of the conscience clause, which protects healthcare professionals by allowing them to abstain from practices they ethically object to (such as abortion performance, the next day pill, birth control, euthanasia assistance, etc.).

Here is how I worded mine: Which would you rather have serving your health needs- a doctor who is principled enough to refuse you certain kinds of treatment (leaving you completely free to seek another doctor who would administer the treatment), or one who is willing to do anything, to anyone, at any time?

Furthermore, removing the conscience clause will force many religious healthcare facilities to close; included in this would be Catholic Family Services, Bethany Methodist Hospital, and the big Joliet hospital that nursed a friend back to health this past summer after a traumatic brain injury. This is just to name a few in the Chicago area. Oh, and the pregnancy care centers nationwide that encourage young, newly pregnant girls to consider alternatives to abortion? Well, they can still do that, but they'd also have to talk over the abortion option- by law.

Let's help keep Planned Parenthood what it is, and not force everyone else to act like them, too.

Please go to www.Freedom2care.org to submit a comment. You can submit either as a patient or as a healthcare provider.

Here is an alternate link: http://www.freedom2care.org/action/message/patient

April 7, 2009

North Korea and Iran's WMD Potential

These stories come on the heels of our President bowing to and kissing the hand of a Saudi leader, proclaiming that America will never be at war with Islam (Who said we were? I thought it was Al-Qaeda, an extremist group we wanted to get?) and that Islam has made major contributions to the world at large (um, can anybody name one?). While all this very dangerous pandering goes on, Michelle Obama is working hard to undermine the notion of first ladies being dignified by trying to upstage her husband in photo ops, and just generally seeming too loud, too mannish, too much of everything boorish Americans are known for when they visit foreign countries.

The Heritage Foundation just launched (no pun intended) a film documenting the threat of North Korea, with their newly-acquired nuclear missiles, the likelihood they will send one our way, and the dire need for our Presi
dent to wise up and defend us against these attacks. The film is called "33 Minutes," the title being taken from the amount of time it would take a ballistic missile fired from North Korea to reach a city in the United States (including the states of Alaska and Hawaii).

Imagine 9/11, except instead of planes crashing into buildings there is a nuclear warhead that explodes in the air over New York City. Don't think about that too long.

The following is a synopsis from www.askheritage.org (the Heritage Foundation):

" North Korea remains one of the worst proliferators of missile and weapons technology. North Korea already has a missile, called a Taepodong 2, which can potentially reach parts of the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. And North Korea shares technology and expertise with Iran and they watch each other’s missile programs to see what they can get away with from the international community and the U.S. And while North Korea claims that the test was merely a peaceful satellite, a "satellite" launch is still a ballistic missile test, violating U.N. sanctions, since it tests all the key components of launching a long-range missile.

Twenty six years ago during the Cold War, Ronald Reagan outlined to the nation his vision of a Strategic Defense Initiative that would protect America from incoming missiles before they exploded in U.S. cities. Since that time, a missile defense system has been established, and the United States has performed 35 successful tests on our existing system. But the system is by no means complete. More bases are needed, and sufficient funds have to be allocated to the existing system for proper upkeep. If the United States does not build a missile defense base in Europe, we will have no defense against an Iranian missile.

Yet, despite the urgent need for missile defense, the current Administration plans to cut funding for the program by 16 percent. Missile defense is not costly, at only two percent of the Department of Defense budget. In fact, if you add up every cent spent on missile defense over the past 30 years, it is still less than the cost of the damage done by the planes on 9-11.

The threat hasn't changed; the science hasn't changed; the need hasn't changed. A ballistic missile can reach and obliterate a U.S. city from anywhere in the world in just 33 minutes. And North Korea has both nuclear arms, and missile capability. Now is not the time to significantly cut and rollback a missile defense plan that has been in place for years to protect us."

Here's the video. Visit www.33minutes.com for more information.

Hot Air then posted this story
about Iran's having acquired materials needed to build nuclear weapons. The lead-in paragraph:

"Manhattan’s District Attorney plans to unveil an indictment of a Chinese national on 118 counts relating to the transfer of technology and material for nuclear weapons to Iran. Several New York City banks unwittingly took part in the vast laundering ring, which allowed Iran to acquire critical material for its nuclear-weapons program."

I can almost hear the wimpy U.N. in the background: "But, you promised us you'd play nice! You [Ahmadinejad] came to preach to us about how friendly you were toward the west. We just don't get it..."

That's possibly the understatement of the year. But don't lose hope yet; we still have a few good men in Congress for whom defense is a major concern and they will drag their feet as best they can to slow the passing of our imminent global drawdown. In the meantime, you'd profit from acquiring firearms of some kind, since owning one with most likely a) become illegal or, b) have attached to the privilege firearms taxes so high no one will be able to afford one (let alone two).

April 5, 2009

Update on the flood in Moorhead/Fargo

According to my mom, the Red River has crested (peaked at its highest) and started to go down last Monday. However, a snowstorm and above average temperatures make the possibility of the river rising again, perhaps even higher than the crest, very likely.

Please continue to pray for the water to go down, down, down. So far the damage has been minimal due to the outstanding volunteer support that built dikes quickly. We'd love to see people be able to go back home.

Thanks a lot.


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