February 24, 2009

Miley Strikus Again

New video! Here is my favorite publicly confessing Christian touting the anti-virtues of a woman who gives her heart away to an undeserving boy at a very young age. Check the girls starring; are they 11? 12?

One more reason to raise your little girl to be chaste? So that she doesn't find herself crying over the memory of her first kiss, many years and boyfriends before she meets her husband.

February 23, 2009

"Taking Chance" on HBO

HBO Films presents, "Taking Chance," the story of a highly-ranked officer who volunteers for the duty of escorting a fallen private soldier home, and all the people he meets along the way.

For those of us without cable, or even a tv, I will update with where to find it post-airing. My guess is that Netflix will pick it up quickly. Ironically, as films about fallen soldiers are increasingly rare, the number of Americans who wish to honor these heroic men skyrockets.

February 20, 2009

Friday Funny (a.k.a Oh, Ann...)

... Ann Coulter, that is.

I have never been a fan of hers. Honestly, I haven't! Nor can I say that somehow, by this video clip, my mind has been forever changed... nope, not quite.

I will, however, give her props for doing her best to answer Behar's asinine questions ("Is it because they [Republican women] have more money and are more relaxed? Is that why they have better orgasms?") and, in the process, managing to make herself look composed, competent and - surprise!- less confrontational than the co-host of the View.

There are some truly great moments here, not the least being when Ann starts rattling off some of the elements of the "stimulus" bill, to which Behar replies that they don't have time for long answers because she has more questions for Ann!

Another one: Behar sets Ann up to cry foul at her [Ann's] recent treatment on the View (for which she does not take the bait). When there is a legitimate dispute over Barbara Walters's reading of Coulter's book, Behar says Ann should've been more sensitive to Walters's Jewish background and not said she was reading Ann's book like it was "Mein Kompf." Seriously?

Enjoy your Friday!!

February 18, 2009

Keep Black History month going: support pro-life in these communities!

February is Black History month. To celebrate, in a roundabout way, here is a young girl speaking passionately on an event that affects and effects tens of thousands of black Americans every year: abortion.

For more information on the rates of pre-natal death in the black communities of America, and how Planned Parenthood is a perpetrator of these crimes against our fellow Americans, go to www.blackgenocide.org, then visit www.lifedynamics.com to find out how you can help aid the cause of pro-life efforts in your city.

February 17, 2009

Stimulus package requires all the money in the world

Just how much is this "stimulus" package going to cost, now and in the years of interest to come?

All the U.S. currency in circulation around the world. Oh, and by the way, that wouldn't be quite enough to fund it...

February 16, 2009

Craftin' on a Saturday

I spent part of this past Saturday at a craft event at a local coffee shop. I sold three items: bubble magnets, Cinnamon Foot Scrubbers and aromatic Salt Scrubs.

Some of the magnets- neutral designs.

Some more magnets- green living, leaves and polka dots designs.

My four scents of salt scrub: Rosemary Vanilla, Lavender Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemon Verbena.

Nic sat with me until we couldn't stand the dj house music anymore! The facilitators of the event have a few kinks to work out yet, and hopefully with some good feedback we could make it really neat.

I had stopped by last week to check out what other people were selling, because I did not want to sell anything similar. The month of February is free so lots of people are taking advantage. But last week was pitiful, with mostly punk rock teenagers and one hippy girl selling odd items. This last Saturday, however, everyone was out in full force and there was a lot of variety to the crafts being sold.

Apparently recycling sweaters into new items is hot, because there were three girls there who made sweater mittens, re-spun yarn and sweater squids. Yup, I said sweater squids. But they were cute, if you ask me. Not that I like aquatic creatures! In fact I hate squid. But I digress...

I got a rockin' table next to a cool jewelry maker and her slightly odd (but stylish) friend. I was directly across from a radical NO WAR! items lady, who turned out to be a Quaker and very nice (if not politically misguided). The hippy girl was back and explained avocado seed earrings to me; she was also nice. There was also a girl who recycled clothing into, well, cooler clothing and purses, a typographic card-seller and some other people.

The community was neat and I was excited to be a part of it. I felt like a real salesperson! Although it was TOTALLY nerve wrecking to be put on the spot like that with something you made yourself. It's so different from buying and selling other people's things on ebay. This is my own unique product and I have to sell it to people!

The great news is I DID sell four items, and made a profit! In fact, I made back almost all the money I had spent on supplies to make what I brought, which was a lot more than I sold (if that makes sense). Unfortunately I can't go next week, but I will be there after that. I am also in the process of setting up a blog for my items, so people could order from me like that. I will be including the baby blocks I made for Amelie (not her set!) and accompanying crib quilts.

More to come... pray for this new endeavor for me!

February 12, 2009

Stimulus Bill Would Bring Return to Welfare

Posted By Bobby Eberle On February 12, 2009, "The Loft" on gopusa.com

One of the major accomplishments of the 1990s combination of President Clinton and a Gingrich-led Republican Congress was that of welfare reform. Some may argue that it was Clinton's plan. Others would say that the Republicans forced him to do it.

Regardless of where the credit ends up, the notion and structure of the welfare program was fundamentally changed. Now, through Obama's stimulus plan, all that work and effort may be wasted.

As noted in an editorial in National Review, "Democrats have inserted provisions into the catch-all stimulus bill that will reverse Clinton-era welfare reform, re-establishing the wasteful, incentive-killing system whose transformation was the bipartisan pride of the 1990s."

First, some background. Prior to the welfare reform measures promoted by Clinton and Gingrich, there was no incentive to move off the welfare rolls. Rather than a temporary station in life, welfare became a way of life.

As the editorial explains, before the reforms, "the federal government simply gave the states more money for every family they added to the welfare rolls." Of course, the states wanted all the money they could get. So, the more people on welfare, the more money for the state treasuries.

The Clinton-Gingrich reforms replaced that bounty-hunter system with a flat rate for each state, based on population and other factors. That gave state-level welfare authorities a better set of incentives, encouraging them to use their resources in the most effective manner and to reserve them for the truly needy.

The results were successful—spectacularly so. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act was followed by reductions in both the number of families on welfare and the rate of poverty. Single women entered the workforce in substantial numbers and the household incomes of former welfare recipients went up. In other words, the incentives to reduce welfare dependence and help people to find work, worked.

The editorial points to a report by The Heritage Foundation which states that "little-noted provisions in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate stimulus bills actually abolish this historic reform."

Authors Robert E. Rector and Katherine Bradley note that in Obama's stimulus plan "the federal government would begin paying states bonuses to increase their welfare caseloads."

Indeed, the new welfare system created by the stimulus bills is actually worse than the old AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) program because it rewards the states more heavily to increase their caseloads. Under the stimulus bills, the federal government will pay 80 percent of cost for each new family that a state enrolls in welfare; this matching rate is far higher than it was under AFDC.

Votes in the House and Senate could come as early as Thursday or Friday for the stimulus plan. As the American people slowly start to digest the impact of the massive government takeover of the economy, public opinion is starting to fall. Karl Rove points out in National Review that "CBS News polling reveals a 12-point drop in support of the bill over the past month." A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports indicates that 67% of those surveyed believe they could do a better job on the economy than Congress.

We must continue to put pressure on our legislators to fight this plan. This is not just a spending plan that America can't afford. It is massive government intervention and left-wing social engineering. Making more people dependent on welfare is not the American way.

++ Click here to contact Congress about the $1 trillion stimulus bill!

February 8, 2009

New photos...

I have been meaning to go to the cemetery to take photos since I got this new camera.

I know what you're thinking, "the cemetery? eww," but trust me with great light on a 40 degree plus day it's a great place to pull yourself out of a way-too-somber daily grind and focus on something different.

Very different. Do you contemplate dying? And what will happen thereafter? I don't really; certainly not as much as one might expect a pseudo artist like me to reflect on. But I pondered as I walked around the large, rolling hill infused plots, "how do you decide what type of stone will immortalize you?" Amongst other, more heady and profound thoughts, I assure you.

Thus I wondered how someone in 1842 could or would anticipate someone in 2009 walking gingerly around his small, eternal plot of land snapping photos. Was the camera invented yet? I don't even know.

Anyway, here are some photos from today. I don't mean for them to be ominous, or a reminder of anything, and so if they are, please know that I did not intend such things. Just wanted to share some crisp photos taken on a crisp day. Please comment.

February 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: "We lose 500 million jobs per month"

Finally! Someone in Congress is spelling out in no uncertain terms just how urgent this stimulus package really is!

In this video Nancy Pelosi tells reporters that the package couldn't move any faster, due to the tremendous loss of American jobs. Her numbers? 500 million Americans lose their jobs every month we don't do something about the economy.

Here's the video:

And here's the catch: what was that figure again? I checked the U.S. Census today and found the U.S. population to be at 305,748,951. That's 305 mil, folks.

So, wait, how many people are losing their jobs? I must be confused. After all, Speaker Pelosi is the next most powerful government official in line after the President and Vice President.

My pastor (who sent me the video) posed a frightening idea: Pelosi is next in line after these two for the Presidency seat if something happened to both of them!

Just for fun, here she is talking about how birth control will help stimulate our economy. Stimulate something? No question. The economy? Eh, not so much.

February 3, 2009

Contact your Representatives to support the DOMA!

This posting spot was reserved for a very lengthy column outlining President Obama's administration, but instead I am asking you to join me in contacting your state Representatives to support the Defense of Marriage Act.

The DOMA was signed into law only twelve years ago, by Congress and President Clinton. It allows each state to set their own rulings as to how marriage is upheld and defined. So far, 30 states have reinstated their wording and definitions of marriage since it was determined Obama would be President. Heck, even California was in on defining marriage between one man and one woman!

Please send an e-mail to Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, President Obama and your state Representatives asking them, urging them, to support a continutation of the DOMA nationwide. Go to the National Organization for Marriage via this link and submit an e-mail. Do it today!

President Obama has already said one of his first important tasks would be to repeal DOMA. Who knows how soon that could be? If you value marriage as defined traditionally- ordained- then please consider voicing your support.

Thank you!!!

February 2, 2009

Congratulations to my sister!

My lovely older sister Becky just found out she was accepted with full tuition and a generous stipend to the dietary sciences program at the University of North Carolina! She will be concentrating in gluten-free diet and health.

This is wonderful news, that she will be able to get her Master's while her husband is also stationed there. Currently they are at Fort Benning in Georgia, but will move to North Carolina for the summer, and Becky will begin classes in the fall.

Congratulations to her and her continuing education!


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