May 12, 2013

May 11th, 2013

Dear Sofia,

Bad momma, checking in for the first time this year. Haven't posted since before you were two, etc. You'll find I'm the same online as in real life (where you see me most).. scattered, forgetful, absolutely prone to giving up habits too easily. Unless they involve some BBC t.v. show, in which case hold the phone! Stop the presses! I'm liable to watch every available episode, back-to-back, in a sort of frenetic, temporary stint of OCD. Pathetic, but that's me.

But, as it is the eve of mother's day 2013, I thought I'd check back in and see how you are doing. Well, you still can't type - though I wouldn't be surprised to see you try - so I'll have to fill in the blanks myself.

Things you say these days include: 
It's a beautiful day! (courtesy Gramma Joy)
I'm just joking with you.
Which (thing) is in which hand?
Mom, I really love you.
Dad, I really love you.
(Tonight) No, I don't love you. I just love myself. (Youthful honesty at its finest!)

Things you do these days include:
Writing letters to Dad
Carrying Bubby and Bear everywhere
Asking for "just" one more glass of milk/marshmallow/story
Cooking in your kitchen - all the time
Making picnics/tea parties for your buddies
Being naughty (only sometimes, and it's not malicious)

Food - pasta with meatballs
Drink - milk, but also stolen wine! (Don't call social services; it's about a thimble amt.)
Stuffed friend - Bubby the bunny. I wonder, will he ever be replaced? I hope not.
Phrase - "special treat" (could be anything from fruit snacks to taking a trip
Show - tie:  Thomas/Shawn the Sheep
Activity - tie: singing (both real and made-up songs) and swinging at the park
Book - Frog & Toad series
Physical activity - going up and down the stairs by yourself
Face - contrasting the "sweet face" and the "nasty face" (sweet face prevails 99% of the time)
Singspiration and Sunday school (when we are dragging on Sunday morning, you ask to go)

You love everyone and pour out your sweetness on them. If you've ever disliked someone, I've not seen it. You're a girl through and through: you want your hair brushed, to put on my "lipstick" (lip balm) and perfume. You filled up your purse with chocolate the other day, for goodness sake.

You are so loving toward your Daddy and me. I can't speak for him, but I wish I was the kind of person that your love indicates I am.

If I never have another child, I will feel like I was given the world wrapped in curly, strawberry blonde hair. Happy mother's day indeed!


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