July 27, 2006

He understands.

I am a poor wayfaring stranger
Traveling through this world alone.
There is no sickness, toil or danger
In that bright land to which I go.

I know dark clouds will gather 'round me
I know my way is rough and steep,
But beautious fields lie just before me
Where God's redeemed their vigils keep.

I'm going there to meet my Savior
Dwell with Him and never roam.
I'm only going over Jordan
I'm only going over home.

He will come out to meet me. He will come out to meet you, too. Please come with me. I love you.

I think of you always, and write letters to you in my thoughts daily. I hope someday you will read them. I love you.

You have distanced yourself from me this time. But we are forever sisters because we have the same Father. I love you more than I have ever told you.

I have always wanted to protect you; now I find myself being protected by you. You have a light in you that is undeniable. Please keep shining it on me. I love you.

We are all longing for the same thing. We can only seek it when we know what it is, else, all is in vain.

"It's hard to believe He still loves me knowing how wrong I have been, when all I can say is, 'I'm sorry,' when all I can feel is my sin. He understands when all I can do is cry. He feels the hurt that no one can see down inside. And when the words get in the way I know He still hears.

You may not believe that I'm broken, for all you can see is my smile. But He hears the heart that's unspoken and He gives me strength through each trial.

He understands when all I can do is cry.
He feels the hurt that no one can see down inside. And when the words get in the way I know He still hears."

I will trust these words get to you even if you don't or can't read this. He understands me. I hope you
can, too.

The cowering prisoners will soon be set free;
they will not die in their dungeon, nor will they lack bread.
Isaiah 51:14


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

So, Best-dash-Intentions, I am back!... having struggled for months to remember your exact location on this web.
The two locations I have enjoyed most though are you at my dining room table with husband and brother, wine and vegetables and on the dance floor steppin' with same brother the other night.
Quel riot!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I read all the post I had missed. Would love to hear whatever music accompanies this most recent one.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Unless of course that is your OWN poetry and then I will open mouth and insert foot but not before paying the compliment that it ministered to me.

cityfarmer said...

Hello...cannot stand that we haven't talked since the wedding...nice to see you back on the blog...will you be posting soon...will wait to see...fall is just around the corner...how's work, and N?

quiet storms said...

hopefully i'll post again tomorrow... or tonight if i can't get to sleep, which looks imminent.



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