December 16, 2006

Calculating infinity

It's hard to make a "home" out of a borrowed house.
Rather, part of a house. This is where I live currently, the first-ish floor of a three flat house in Chicago. I don't own it, I just rent it. I suppose technically I only rent half of it since I have a roommate. So that's my home equity right now, one-sixth of a house.

But I'm not complaining. PlatoNic lives down the street, in a whole apartment of a 36-unit building. So when you add his 1/36th to my 1/6th you get 7/36ths of a house. That's not bad, but it could be better. Let's start from there and see what we get.

Our house is full of love. + 1
Our house is joyful at least 2/3 of the time. + 2/3
We don't have many visitors, but the ones we have really like us! +5
My roommate, fiancé and I come from three wonderful families. +3
I totally own my cat. +1
And two fish! +2
Ok, maybe the fish shouldn't count; they're not even cognizant! -2
Our house is full of handed-down furniture, which all came from loving people. +10
(Thank you especially to Par. Far. and SCFarmer!!)
total so far: 20.17 (approximately 20 2/15)
which is an increase of: over 1962% !

All this number crunching is giving me a 26.6 repeating headache. Here's the fact: we are all living here in borrowed houses, with borrowed clothing on our backs, all in borrowed time. We are strangers on earth (Psalm 119). The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it (Psalm 24).

He is giving it all to us. I couldn't even add His presence to the chart above because it would go off the charts. He is the chart! His love and faithfulness to us is what we judge all other kinds of love and blessing by. He is our home; eternal, endless, ever-reaching and promised by His own Word!

"The Father's house has many a dwelling,
And there will be a place for thee.
With perfect love His heart is welling
Who loved thee from eternity.
His precious blood the Lamb hath given
That thou might'st share the joys of heaven,
And now He calleth far and near:
'Ye weary souls, cease your repining,
Come while for you My light is shining;
Come, sweetest rest awaits you here!'

O come, come all, ye weak and weary,
Ye souls bowed down with many a care;
Arise and leave your dungeons dreary
And listen to His promise fair:
'Ye bore your burdens meek and lowly,
I will fulfil My pledge most holy,
I'll be your Solace and your Rest.
Ye are Mine own, I will requite you;
Tho' sin and Satan seek to smite you,
Rejoice! Your home is with the blest.' "

"A Rest Remaineth for the Weary,"
by Johann S. Kunth, 1730


cityfarmer said...

My soul just a deep breath as I pondered your post.
It's very early sunday morning...steaming coffee, the Word and you.

Thank you for your unabashed love for the Father, and the PlatoNic...

We'll talk today...the thought of having you all here makes my heart beata little faster.

Platonicus Booknutticus said...


When you add mine and yours you get 7/36th's... not 1/9th. I'm sorry. I'm sure that's ultra-annoying. But, you know.

Love you.

quiet storms said...

dear smarty pants,

I've been going over the numbers with my accountant, and you are totally right, we own 7/36ths. thank you for the correction.


ps. now i have to re-do all my figures. d'oh!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I THOUGHT I missed church today and then I read this post.
Um yeah, I heard about the sista's coming to town and I think you two should head out Christmas Eve AFTER our little bash. No pressure:)

Platonicus Booknutticus said...

Victoria, check your email.

Shabby in the City said...

That was well-written like a nice sermon, no joke. I was totally surprised by the ending and in total agreement of it...Good job!


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