October 16, 2007

One letter a week

Apparently I just don't care anymore. I don't care what the consequences are for speaking with truth to those who are seeking to destroy it under the guise of free choice. In my former days there would have been no shortage of curses for these people, but my misdirected anger always failed me in the end. These days, I write letters. I don't get responses, but I know they get them. Here's my current correspondence, this time with Planned Parenthood.

Dear Planned Parenthood,

I am so disappointed to see that there is a Planned Parenthood in the city to which I just moved. This grieves me because I need women's health services, and your "business" is the only one near enough that I could get to reasonably.

I looked up your website and read your proclamation that October is "family sexuality education month." Does this mean we should be educating our children about sex, or about their sexuality? Are you asserting that there is no difference between the two? You mention casually that "we are sexual from the moment we are born;" should we be so quick to "educate" our children as soon as they can sit up to exercise their sexual nature? Where shall we draw the line; is ten years old too young to educate my daughter? How about eight years of age for my son? In some countries child brides are as young as five years old; but hey, they have been sexual since they were born, so this must be ok, too?

I realize you are a business; a baby-killing, choice-squelching, woman-destroying business. So perhaps your efforts to promote "education" to our children is merely a thinly-veiled ploy to drum up more business of the like. Forgive my bluntness, but let's be honest: would you be as financially prosperous as you are without the thousands of abortions you perform each year? How much do you receive when you refer someone to an adoption agency? Or when you insist that abstinence is the only way to be fully protected from stds and unwanted pregnancies? My guess is none. Preventative care just ain't paying these days it would seem.

By my own accord and feelings, I am not ready to be a mother. But I'll be damned (literally) if I would kill a baby I had been given and hand my money over to you in the process.

Repent, you who seek to kill the least of all of us, our babies. You who leave women without rhyme or reason to dealing with the guilt, the isolation, the pain and the confusion that an abortion provides as a parting gift.

Repent, you who purport to be helping women by providing these "services," while at the same time furthering your own agenda of a woman-centered and utterly feminized world. You would rather see the choice of women who want to be mothers taken away than admit you are wrong.

Repent, because you will spend more time paying for this sin than glorifying yourself in it.


Please, contact me with any questions.

Victoria Tkachuk


Anonymous said...

Someone pointed me in this direction, and I have to say that I am quite disheartened and, although I am not surprised by any of your comments, I feel sad for you. I can't imagine living a life of constant judging and being judged. It seems quite self-righteous, but I guess some people need and enjoy that.


Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

Hmm.. that sounds kind of judgmental of you.


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