January 27, 2008

Rare writing sample unearthed!

One of the rare joys of returning to your childhood home is getting to sort through fourteen bins of childhood trinkets, report cards, artwork and homework. Why do our parents save these things? I am convinced it is not for them but because they know what a heavy dose of nostalgia does to a person, even if the end result is throwing it all away.

Not to brag, but my strength from early childhood was written communication. Humor played a close second so the majority of my memorabilia turned out to be folders full of writing assignments, some accompanied by original illustrations, packed with puns I still find funny today.

In the interest of paring down my collection to- gasp!- one box of goodies only a child could love, I decided to electronically store some of these treasures. Here is one such sample, an assignment to report on a rock concert of the fictitious group "Traveling Noise." If you're lucky, someday I might show you my seashell and charm necklace collections.

From 11-year-old me to you, enjoy.


"Traveling Noise" will be in concert on Saturday night the ninth of October. The band will be holding the concert in the Fargodome, although you will probably be able to hear them in Detroit Lakes, too (40 miles away). The group will be performing their smash hit, "Scream If You Know My Name," along with "Turn That Music Up" and "To Yell is to Sell," from their new album, "Wow, We're Loud."

When asked if Traveling Noise was any good a woman replied, "What? I can't hear you, speak louder," which we interpreted as a yes. Our news team also interviewed a man from Baltimore, Oregon who said they were the best group he'd heard in a long time, even though after the last show he couldn't hear a thing.

The group will go from Fargo, ND directly to Paris, then fly to Munich, Moscow and Perth, Australia before returning home to Seattle, Washington. The whole world is expected to be deaf one week from now.

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