May 28, 2008

Why Immigrants Do Not Require Amnesty

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by D.A. King

King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, a coalition actively opposed to illegal immigration and illegal employment. He has appeared on numerous national television and radio networks as an authority on the issue. On the Web:
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"A recent news report in the Carrollton Times Georgian on a rally staged by and for people in my nation illegally has caused this long-time American to take a few moments out of his day to reply with a more pro-American side of the May Day march. And a few words on illegal immigration in general.

First: Readers can only hope that all ‘journalists’ connected with the publication of the one- sided promo piece for criminal immigration activity take a long hard look at the Code of Ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists. Respectfully, the section concerning bias, fairness and balance in news reporting should be studied in depth.

From someone who has spent the last eight years studying the illegal immigration and illegal employment crisis created by the reality that the federal government has refused to secure American borders in a war on terror, a couple of facts:

It is a federal crime to transport, assist, shelter, harbor or to hire an illegal. Illegal employers should be made to march and stage rallies to demand the “right” to ignore the laws of the land along with their black-market laborers.

There is no universal civil right to live and work in the United States. We as a nation take in well over a million real, legal, immigrants every year - more than any nation on the planet. We can’t take in everyone – that’s called “open borders.”

We don’t have anything to apologize for - and sneaking into the U.S. to steal an American’s identity or creating fraudulent ID to steal an American job while illegally lowering American wages does not make one an “immigrant.”

The term is “illegal alien;" Immigrants come legally. A quick and fool-proof method of telling the difference: Immigrants do not require amnesty.

Our government says we have to pay our taxes to educate illegal alien children and provide the victims of geography with free medical care - but not that we must remain silent and allow the open borders, radical left to trample the rule of law upon which our Republic was founded.

Another one: When a participant in a march demanding amnesty for illegal aliens is speaking in a foreign language, using a candidate for office from the Socialist Workers Party (Eleanor Garcia) as a translator is not an efficient way of hiding the leftist agenda of those who regard borders as human rights violations and our nation as little more than an address.

Most Americans proved they demand defined, defended borders and a common and official language last summer when they defeated the Ted Kennedy and John McCain sponsored attempt to repeat the one-time amnesty of 1986.

Legalization is not the answer. It‘s enforcement that stops criminal activity.
On language: It was a coalition of the Chamber of Commerce and the ACLU types who defeated Rep. Tim Bearden’s HR 413 in the Georgia legislature this year that would have allowed Georgians to vote in November on making English the constitutionally official language of government in Georgia.

English as official is “anti-immigrant,” according to Bearden’s opponents.
Most Americans have had enough of the nonsense myth that there are “jobs Americans will not do” or that illegal aliens marching in American streets demanding citizenship somehow represents “equal rights under the law.”

Most of us also take a dim view of the vile comparison of illegal aliens and their mindless demands to the cause of Americans struggling for the civil rights due them as citizens under their own constitution.

Many of us think Barbara Jordan, the first black woman elected to Congress from the deep south, put it very well more than a decade ago. We live in fervent hope that we can elect leaders who share her courage and honesty.

In 1995, as the Bill Clinton appointed Chairwoman of the Commission on Immigration Reform, Jordan, a presidential Medal of Freedom winner, testified to a Congressional hearing on how to gain credibility on immigration policy: “Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. Deportation is crucial. Employer sanctions can work.” (see full quote here)

To begin to solve the undeniable illegal immigration problem, we should ignore the open borders lobby and heed the words of Barbara Jordan.


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