July 24, 2008

Celebrities: what are they up to this week?

Shakira: trying to find a new way to tousle her coif

Victoria Beckham: taking her children for a walk

Erykah Badu: channeling the previous owner of this hat, asking, "why? why?!"


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

HILARIOUS! Why cant MY mom dress like V.B?
Love the new sidebar stuff! I LOVE SIDEBARS! and thanks for the comment on my blog! Miss you much
LOVE the garden!!!!!!!!

cityfarmer said...

This makes me long to see you both...I adore updates

...you both look mahvelous

....who are these celebs?....honestly, my head must be in the sand...or a paint bucket...

in our garden....lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce....giving it away these days.

I just got an email from your Mom that said they spent time with you....she was wondering about some of the recipes from the RDinner

we're thinking of coming over in August...stopping there and then heading to GR


cityfarmer said...

oh now wait....the header picture may be the best photo anyone in this family has ever shot....seriously


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