September 16, 2008

This is your last day to watch Church Wars for free!!

I thought I had recently published a link to an excellent documentary about the Anglican Church of Australia, but I just saw that it is still sitting in drafts! Whoops! Here is the info again.

Embedded below is both a link to the preview of the documentary (watching the full-length doc. will cost you $1.80 to watch on their website- well worth it!) and a link and password for watching it for free using my account.


There is much going on in the Church worldwide, and Australia's Anglican branch is no exception. Below is the first part of a documentary by Journeyman Films about the stir and subsequent schisms caused by the American Episcopalian church's ordination of a gay man to bishop status and one minister's brave moves to stand on the Bible's teaching, not kowtow to a sister sect's insistence that "all are made in God's image."

Truly inspiring, this minister's firm stand in the faith shows us that we needn't be hostile to those wanting to water down Christian theology, just firmly adhere to what we know God's Word says about sin, and act accordingly.

To watch the full feature (40 min.) will cost you $1.80 (one British pound, payable through paypal) but it is definitely worth it. Full-length documentary is available at this web location. Also, check out their other films on youtube at:, or at the Journeyman Films website.

Here is the info for watching it free using my account (available only Tues. and Wed.):

link to the Church Wars sign in page

password is: 67gfawn2


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh! Just finally got caught up on your blog! My daughter made the sidebar - woo whoo!
Good stuff girl!
Call me for my Ingraham password so you can listen to the last few days....AMAZING!!!!! She was in Grand Rapids last night!
Where is the soap girl?????

Victoria said...

Thanks! I have been busy here you see... that's what being unemployed is good for! For the soap, check Homeward Bound for pictures. They turned out good!!
Any news on your bridal couple?


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