December 23, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Dear Blogger friends,

I know I neglect this blog.... my cynicism about politics really gets me down, and I just don't feel like posting. I feel more like.. sewing! I've been very busy these past few months sewing baby blocks and other toys for my etsy shop, butterbean (check my sidebar for thumbnails).

If you know a young child (ages 1-4 are perfect) who is in need of a gift (a little too late for Christmas, but maybe for belated, or an upcoming birthday), please check out my shop! I have blocks in two sizes, balls in several options, some magnets and (very soon) pillow sets. All items are made from modern prints - damask, argyle, polka dots, abstract- in fun color combos (pink/brown, blue/green, blue/copper, yellow/pink) . They can be made with or without rattles and other fun sounds inside.

They have been purchased for regular fun use as well as therapy toys and travel pillows (for car naps they are a perfect size). I utilize a hypo-allergenic polyester stuffing and brand new fabric. One of each block has an ironed-on logo tag which is very secure.

Shipping is low, as they are quite light. You do not need to be an etsy member to purchase; if you would like to custom order, please e-mail me at: . If you know of anyone - sister, niece, coworker, fellow blogger - who is stylish and a mom-to-be, these make a unique present. Many satisfied children and moms!

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families.

1 comment:

cityfarmer said...

these are in some of the family rooms of this household ... they are cute, well made and well thot of by toddlers!

feel free to be comfortable with your will be completely satisfied.

great fabric and craftsmanship


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