March 10, 2010

Post from the Vault

*I wrote this post back in September (note the references to then-current news stories), but never published it. How come? Eh, I write a lot and when it seems redundant I just save it. But the writing seems ok and I don't have another post so here it is.

At first glance it seems dated, but just imagine that Obama is talking about health care instead of vague rallying and it will make sense.


I wondered why no one commented on my "indoctrination wagon" post a while back. Was it because everyone agreed, and there was nothing else to say? Or did people think I was some left field conspiracy theorist, trying to rally people around suspicion of President Obama's well-meaning education speech?

After watching any of the following videos, you might be leaning toward the former. Better yet, you'll be sitting upright in either exasperated anger or fear, hoping there is something you can do about it.

The changeover from capitalist American government to socialist dictatorship didn't necessarily start with Obama, he's just the first one to run with it. Subtle changes in the way children are now educated to think about the world, and themselves, started decades ago.

When science was shown to be a valuable tool for discovering things about the outside world, it was then turned inward, on man himself, in a complete misuse of empiricism. Now man depends on himself for answers and truth, being autonomous where he once recognized the Creator as being in full control, and with solitary knowledge of what is true.

Meanwhile, philosophical theory turned toward as well.

God did not vacate the schools when prayer time was taken away. God was ushered out through the side door when scientists proclaimed, "We've got a hypothesis we can test" and set out to dissect man's mind. What other explanation is there for social sciences - psychology, sociology, anthropology - to be so dominant in the universities today while language and history (traditional, not revisionist) have dwindling enrollment? That which is objectively, demonstrably true is not chic. Instead, so-called "social justice" programs are some of the most popular. Why study what was to know what is? Why not simply rewrite the story to suit your own agenda, or the agenda of those people who make you the most uncomfortable? After all, because students are no longer told what Americans have done right, what could they possibly think but that they are to blame and reparations - for everything - are in order?

Group of adults meeting in support of health care reform bill. Are they saying "hear us, Oh God" or "hear us, Obama?"

Song to praise Obama. "All are equal in his sight."

Another song to praise Obama. "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Si we can!"

The orignial "fired up, ready to go video." He seems pretty happy to be announcing his upcoming presidency. Keep in mind this video is from 2007.

Another angle of the most recent 2009 'fired up' video. "We will change the world with our voices." I would say this is more campaigning, but he's actually acting like a celebrity instead. Just enjoying his status for now.

They want him just as much as he wants them. Disgusting. Not a shred of critical thought in the place.


Anonymous said...

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Burkulater said...

"With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him." Daniel 11:32


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