May 20, 2010

You Got Some Nerve

Thrice entries today... though I could probably find more if I wanted to...

Pakistani students' reaction to the "Draw Mohammad Day" facebook page:
"Kill anyone who insults Mohammad." How long will people tow the line of "Oh, Muslims aren't violent toward non-Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace!" Really?

Mexico's president Calderon scolds the Arizona immigration (rather, 'anti illegal immigrant') policy, and tells us we need to develop "comprehensive immigration reform."

Dude, these are YOUR citizens living illegally in OUR country. Yet, you don't want them back in Mexico. What's wrong with this picture?

Richard Blumenthal has been subtly claiming for a decade that he served in the Vietnam War, presumably to garner support from post-war vets. Now he says he never said "in" the war; he said he served "during" the war.

Yet he has also been cited by several close friends and colleagues as implying he was one of those vets spit on upon return to the U.S., and that he "wore the uniform" at that time.

Dispicable. If you served, you gave your time and potentially risked your life for the cause of your country at the time. That's honorable because it's a sacrifice. If you didn't serve, claiming you did makes you a real shmuck.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Despicable? I think you are far too kind. I am French, so I could come up with a whole lot more, but I won't. Cause then I would have to say "Excuse my French!"


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