July 21, 2010

NOM Marriage Tour

Just a quick update for you on the traditional marriage front...

The National Organization for Marriage has been touring around the country this summer, holding rallies in what seem to be hotspots of pro-gay marriage activity. After seeing some documentation of Providence, RI protestors actually shouting in the face of Brian Brown (president, NOM) while he tried to speak to his crowd, I wondered if maybe they would be visiting Wisconsin?

You'd think Wisconsin in general would pretty much be a conservative state. After all, we have tons of farmers, rural blue-collar businesses and older generation voters. We even manage quite a few state reps with conservative values, or at least Republican ties.

But the city of Madison is just as you'd expect it - a decently-sized, university-centered little metropolis, a city haven for all the hippies, pro-choicers and green living (gag) folks in the state. I mean, it's either here or Milwaukee and everyone knows there are poor people and crime there! Ah, so here the hippies stay.

Which explains why we have a co-op, aka communist grocery store (and another one opening soon... wait, a chain of co-ops? Quite a contradiction going on there, but we'll leave that for now), tons of humanistic/relativistic "churches" and dreadlocks galore. Oh, and drum circles. No joke, there is a scheduled drum circle at the university housing once per week. Uuuuuggh.

So I was thinking about Madison and all the pro-gay sentiment that undoubtedly finds a home here, and wondered if NOM is stopping? I think our capital would make a great location for a traditional marriage rally, don't you?

And guess what? They ARE having one! And it's on Tuesday! Which means... I probably can't go because I'll be at work. But maybe I can swing it for part of my lunch hour or something. The point is, there will be lots of coverage of it and I can't wait.

Is there a NOM stop in your city? Check this link to find out.
Support marriage!

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