August 30, 2010

I Feel For You

I distinctly saw a foot poke out of my stomach the other night.
Or, maybe I distinctly saw an elbow. In any case, it was pretty interesting. So I poked at it a little and it definitely felt like... something.
Not much of a baby update, I know: "I saw/felt something, but I don't know what it was."

How about some random pictures from this last month, too?

Big up Angela for the loaner clothes!!

Pousse and Nic face off. Pousse has already decided the bassinet is his new bed - BAD IDEA. Anyone have tips on how to keep a cat out of a baby bed? I should remind people that this cat has jumped to the top of a twin-size mattress on occasion. For real.

When they're not makin' lazy circles in the sky, we have lots of hawks near us (since we're adjacent to a community garden and a lake) that drop down to scare the crap out of the house finches. Eventually a big flock of little birds will get the gumption to chase the hawks out of the area. We snapped this pic just before one got booted.


cityfarmer said...

I, too, had the thoughts of the kitty and the baby ...I think there is some sort of mesh or netting ... somewhere I heard about this, maybe from Ang ...

can't wait to meet #4 ...
you look radiant ...

and Nic down on the floor ... that's Nic!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Looking good!
Mom's right, My friend had a mesh thing, like what you would put over a plate on a picnic only bigger of course - dugh.
The cat in the bed thing scares the crap out of me. Sorry.
Perhaps P needs his own regal bed now?

Burkulater said...

Adorable pic :) Don't forget to take belly shots along the way. I never did w/my first 2 and regretted it!

I loved wondering what was poking at me. My husband loved making Alien insinuations at the weird protrusions!

Estelle des Chevaliers said...

Is that a red-shouldered hawk? Nice picture anyway. I hope all is going well for you.
Bon courage

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


Victoria said...

Hello all...

I'm still thinking about the cat-in-the-cradle problem. Pousse has been more curious about it, sneaking in when I'm not around. I've got to keep that spray bottle near at ALL times!

I don't know if the mesh thing will work.. I have visions of a cat sitting on top of the mesh, which is sitting on top of the baby. Yikes. Maybe I will build up some walls around the bassinet, and put the net over those.

Little butterbean is still very active, still poking out limbs in all directions. But hasn't flipped. Everyone together now, flip baby flip!

Thank you all for the well wishes! Aside from some (diminishing) back pain, I am feeling good. Can't sleep a lick, but feeling good nonetheless. I think I'm used to the 4 hrs/night now.

Oh, and the hawk? I don't know what kind it is. Usually they don't get close enough for me to take a picture. We might have a few varieties around here though; seems likely since there are so many. I'll have to post more soon.

Butterbean is on the way.. less than a month until the due date - unbelievable.


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