October 7, 2010

A Few Days Left Fun: Name Guessing

Whoever said working while you're pregnant is terrible was definitely working the wrong job. My experience has been great, easy on me and has made me money in the process.

Why is it so wonderful? First of all, tons of people pay attention to you. Now, I'm not one of those "I'm pregnant and therefore deserve special treatment" ladies. But the emotions do run high - along with the hormones - and having some extra compliments along the way is really nice. I don't fish for them; I hate that. But I'll take 'em. So instead of having a couple of family or friends who check in as they can, there are people who see you every day and ask you how you're feeling, what's the latest progress, if you need anything. They even threw me a baby shower with gluten free cupcakes! Seriously, how sweet is that?

A lot of my need for social interaction is fulfilled at work, too. This makes me completely ok with spending time alone at home, which is necessary since Nic is studying for the LSAT and can't really do anything else right now. I don't get that whiny "pay attention to me!" thing... at least, not too much.

Thirdly, I have a desk job which requires me to stay in one spot and relax. I even put my feet up and have a fan to keep me cool. No one bothers me and I don't have to run around. And, since I have plenty to do, I haven't suffered too much from the inevitable pregnancy boredom one feels (especially near the end). I work my eight hours - complete with hour lunch, during which I often take naps in the car (double score!) - and go home. I bring nothing mental home from work, so there are no stresses at the end of the day.

Lastly, my coworkers are fun. They like to guess names. All I've said is that one name begins with a C and one begins with an R; I haven't even said which sex for each letter. For some reason, this has translated into them only guessing C names (along with a couple beginning with neither C nor R). It is an ongoing list, but listed below is part of it.

Do you have a name guess? Leave it in the comments!

Chi Chi
Charlie - boy or girl
Rosemary (the only R name guessed so far)

and... Bear and Saffron. I have no idea where the inspiration for those came from!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...


I am so happy to read this. I want nothing more than comfort for you and I remember sleepeing til 9 and then from noon to three the last 3 weeks I was pregnant with Aidan so I am thrilled to read that you are relaxed as one can be at work... better than watching the second hand... that is for sure.

CLETUS!!! As is "Cletus the Fetus"? an expression I horrifically learned in my mid twenties, I don't think I will ever recover.

OK, just based on old conversations or imaginations depending on who you are talking to I will go with "Clive" for a boy... not the actor of course, the apologist... and I can't believe you said "R' cause I had a dream about that last week, though I am SURELY wrong... "Randell"... or however you spell it. But nonetheless "Randell" was in my dream.

I'll explain the significance in private.

Since you have not revealed the specifics IE: if I were a knitter if I should choose pink or blue wool I am grasping at straws here....

So let me guess a couple names myself, only if you promise to laugh at me over the dinner table tonight:

HM....... "c" and "r"

Chesterton - :)
Clive - like I said
I am at a total loss...

yeah, I got nothing.


Prayer chain is ready to go. Phone by the bed each night from now on!!!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...


Kate said...

Gilda! ;-)

Victoria said...

Gilda! That's great. I can't believe I didn't think of that myself.

I DO like Charlotee, but that's my boss's daughter's name, too. Clive isn't bad, Chesterton either. You never know!

Oh, and I'd go with brown, green, yellow, ivory for knitting colors.. or do a mix of pink and blue if you want (like the fabric). Did I tell you (Ang) I made a quilt with that fabric?


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