June 28, 2011

June 30th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

You love to try and snatch your dad's glasses from his face. And he loves to watch you do it. Why? Because the look on your face during the attempt is one of pure honesty.

Unfortunately, you will come to know eventually that pure honesty is rare, if not impossibly found in humanity. Honesty often takes a mutated form - bluntness. Beneath the disguise of "just being honest," many people will say horrible things to each other. The idea being that the stark truth should never be offensive because, well, you can't argue with something being what it is. I, too, am guilty of thinking that the truth must be revealed, no matter how ugly.

Your dad and I aren't perfect. We're not great, or even good.. not by ourselves. God's grace has been given to us and that is the only reason we are motivated to act with gentleness toward one another.

It's refreshing, soul-invigorating to watch you interact with things and people with such pureness. When you grab my face and smush your nose into mine, I know it's because you love me and want to show it. No hidden agenda, no worry that your affections won't be interpreted correctly.

If I could say, "Lord, I thank, love and trust You" with as much honesty as you smush my nose, unbelief and anxiety would melt away. Thank you for being my daily reminder of this.

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