November 6, 2006

Fotografias de la Nuevo York

This is the street we lived on in uptown New York.
NY has some strict policies. We adapted.
Their rules couldn't stop us from being cute. (My fiancé is so handsome!!)
Or from drinking their free wine and being philosophical.
We contemplated staying forever and living in the foyer,
or moving to Brooklyn,
or maybe just living closer to these trees.
Wherever we end up, we'll be doing a lot of this (I hope).

1 comment:

cityfarmer said...

I was clearly surprised this AM with my morning coffee and the Word...I popped in here because you said last night you'd been composing....WELL you didn't say you had written a book...charmed by the NY photos and yes alot of kissing will follow you.... magazine worthy with beauty, but mostly inwardly and that's what shows are so blesssed...both of you.


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