February 20, 2008

A surprising endorsement, pt. ii

I think i might just vote for Barack Obama after all.

I feel as though I should explain my position on this one a bit further.

In the event that the next President we elect turns out to be, because of predetermined circumstances of Biblical proportion, the last President we ever have it would be interesting to see it be someone generally and spiritually unqualified for the job. What I mean is, if God is going to bring this all to a close very soon (maybe not in the next four years, but who knows?) I think it's fine that Barack Obama get a turn at the wheel before it happens. Seeing as how he a) has the least experience in big politics, b) has the least experience in foreign policy and c) panders to the youth in a cloying and unforgivable way, he should be, as Goldilocks might say, "Juuust right."

I am starting, at last, to accept that Mike Huckabee is probably not going to make it. And as sad as that makes me I have to look toward the future. The future is decidedly NOT John McCain. I suppose at this point Hillary Clinton is actually starting to look pretty darned stellar, but I still wouldn't feel right voting for her. I wish at some point she would have admitted that what her husband did was wrong. I understand she was a wife grieving, but still. That and her failed healthcare attempts are enough to just say no.

So Obama it is, if I even vote (at this time an unlikely prospect). What do you think: as the candidates dwindle, who is your second-string choice for the Oval office?

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Julee Ann said...

Hi Victoria!
I just thought said it outloud yesterday. I think Obama will be the next president.
Number 1. Thankfully, I don't think HC can beat him any more. Momentum.
Number 2. Sadly, I don't think Huckabee can beat McCain any more and I don't think McCain can hold on to enough Republican voters.

How are you? I've subscribed to the wedding blog, but if you need help with ANYTHING please email me.

Cold enough for ya?

A. Julee


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