February 4, 2008

A vote for McCain is a vote for amnesty!

Throughout the campaign, Sen. McCain has said that he will legalize all illegal aliens who have not committed a felony. Between 10 and 18 million illegal aliens would qualify for his amnesty.

If McCain wins the Republican nomination, most of the media have indicated they will interpret that as a vote for McCain's pro-illegal-immigration policies. That may even embolden Congress to try again to pass an amnesty THIS year.

Indeed, in a previous primary many misinformed Floridians voted for John McCain because they mistakenly believed that he was the best candidate for controlling illegal immigration! Make sure you know that John McCain has been the champion of amnesties in the past and even now promises to legalize nearly all the illegal aliens.

In just the past four years, John McCain has taken the following actions to support illegal immigration:
Make plans now on how and when you will vote on Tuesday (if you are in one of the Primary states).

If you have any questions about where to go, ask a friend at church, in your neighborhood or at work. With McCain in the lead in most states, anybody who fails to vote is, in effect, voting for the McCain Amnesty.

In my humble opinion a vote for Romney is now better in the battle against illegal immigration, though I'd prefer you vote for Huckabee!

Stay informed on the issues that matter to you throughout this process. Protect the interest of future generations! Research all the candidates and check back here for updates.

1 comment:

Sue said...

The term "illegal alien" is highly racist and it goes against all His teachings. They are human beings too.

And anyway, McCain is going to win and there's nothing you and your backward ways can do about it!!!

In fact, its going to be a Democrat who wins the overall election so stick that on your stupid blog.


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