March 4, 2011

Readers, I need your help!

Butterbean needs a unified logo presence!

Help me out here if you have a minute. Please visit my etsy shop, see my items (yes, I know I need to take better pictures; weekends projects abound...) and then answer this question:

What type of logo or clip art would suit me? Beans are out, unless you think there is a way to make a cute one (but butterbeans themselves are not all that pretty). I like birds, owls, matroyshkas (nesting dolls), whales, bright colors and graphic patterns. That should be obvious just by looking at what I make!

I'm tired of using something different for every thank you card I send. My business cards have an owl clip art but I can't use it for mass production. My mind is too fickle, and I need some help marketing what I sell! I honestly believe my analytics would reflect growth if I have consistency to my label. Gosh, don't I sound market-savvy? =)

Anyway... if you have a moment and could give me some advice I'm all ears. I won't be defensive because I know how I'm packaging it all now isn't working! Thank you in advance.


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