March 29, 2011

March 29th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

Today I am home with you for half the day - hooray! I am loving every minute of it, and catching up on political news while you nap.

I'm all fired up now, because I've been reading about the current attack on Wisconsin State Supreme Court nominee Prosser, who is the avowed conservative candidate. The union thugs are rallying support for his opponent - Kloppenburg - simply because she is not conservative. Now, you don't have to be a genius to realize that's a pretty dumb reason for voting FOR somebody! But, here in Madison it seems that people love rhetoric more than they love choosing the right candidate for the job... so "a vote for Kloppenburg is a vote for Walker" is spreading like wildfire.

I'm not worried though. There is plenty of support for Prosser around the state (believe it or not, the rest of Wisconsin is pretty conservative - just look at the November election results!) to get him into the seat. I just hope people remember to VOTE ON APRIL 5TH! =)

In other news, I dug up this list of major contributors to political campaigns and figured I'd pass it around. There are many reasons a company might contribute money to a politician, baby, but one obvious reason is that the company stands to benefit by using their financial influence. Meaning, they give money and hope that will convince the politician to vote for things in their favor.

So, seeing that AT&T is a big supporter of the DNC ("Democratic"* National Committee), it makes me wonder if they are being allowed to charge so much for miscellaneous fees because of local tax laws? They sure are making a lot of money by squeezing out the competition for cell phone coverage, internet and cable. In Madison, you pretty much have two cable choices - AT&T and Charter. Pretty scary when there is no competition! It means you can either give in to one of two companies and suffer under the costs and poor service they offer, or you go without. (Hint, hint: capitalism is good for everyone.)

I'll just post the list below for others. I've been wondering about big donors like this since a coworker told me that Madisonians are planning to boycott the annual Brat Fest because some of the meat comes from Johnsonville, a Republican campaign donor. Yes, they are going to boycott an event that donates its profits to charity because one of the sponsors supports candidates they don't like. Candidates, mind you, not elected officials! Sheesh. People around here need to get their heads straight.

Here is the list. I know this is your first lesson on money, so I'll explain all this again later. For now, we'll just think about where our precious money goes, and maybe someday we'll share a Johnsonville brat!

Love, Mom

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