April 28, 2011

April 28th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

Your mom loves to sew. I could handsew by about six years old and am so very much looking forward to teaching you! My hope is that you will enjoy it and find your own projects of interest. If you're like the rest of your family - on both sides - you will have creativity to spare. =)

I've been sewing a ton of block sets lately. Still haven't found the perfect color combos for your set yet. [Probably because I like funny combos like goldenrod/brown/ivory!] But I've only got a little while until you'd have fun with them... I let you play with some sets last week and you were having fun grabbing and shaking them.

I don't usually like to use this blog for direct advertising, but I can't resist because of the cute new sets I have listed on etsy. Below are some pics and the links. Gosh, I really need to learn how to take better pictures, seriously! They are amazingly cute in person and every baby I've given a set loves 'em!

My etsy shop: Butterbean by Victoria

Little Block set of blues

Little Block set in pink and blue

Little Block set in green and brown

Little Block set in pink and green

Little Block set in pink, green and brown

Little Block set in pink and white

Little Block set in black and purple florals (pictured on right)

Little Block set in lavender and green (pictured on left)

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