April 8, 2011

April 8th, 2011

Dear Sofia, Planned Parenthood may be about to be de-funded. That would be - and there is a level of sublime synchronicity to this - the greatest event since your birth. They don't help people plan for being a parent. They don't provide medical services outside of abortion. They do not provide mammograms. They do not provide emergency care of any kind ("emergency contraceptive" doesn't count because it is not a life-threatening situation).

In fact, they don't even give women the facts about what a baby is (a living being), rather they call a baby "it" and "a mass of cells" that "can't feel pain" anyway so abortion "won't hurt it." They tell women that it is more dangerous to go through a labor and delivery than an abortion, because it could be life-threatening to the mother to labor!

Well... maybe there could be complications, but most of them will be foreseen by any doctor worth his/her salt while giving pre-labor care. Of course, a "Planned Parenthood" worker will likely only see you once or perhaps twice at most; they have to size you up in one look as to whether or not you seem like you'd make a parent or not. As if they have the right to do that!

Baby, I could tell you the same thing over and over again, that from the moment I saw your little body - complete with heartbeat - moving around on the ultrasound screen, I was smitten. I think I said "Oh!" and nothing else, because the joy was too much for words. I still have that first ultrasound picture, you were 15 weeks old, and carry it with me all the time.

Our House Speaker, John Boehner, said very little today about the budget that is being stalled by Democrats who want to keep Planned Parenthood on the government dime (meaning, that our taxpayer money goes to funding their cruel, misleading, demonic practices). Speaker Boehner's curtness on the subject spoke volumes: keeping PP funded is not an option. Put together a budget that excludes them and we'll talk. Exit the room, no questions taken.

We should take note that some topics are so undignified and downright wrong that we shouldn't even discuss them. Abortion is wrong and we shouldn't have to pay for it, period.

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