July 6, 2011

July 6th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

I've been having so much fun away from work that I completely lost track of the date today. I had to look at the computer calendar to find out it is July 6th.

You, me and your dad have mostly just been hanging around. You go to bed early and we have some time together as adults, to eat dinner and watch a program.

On the fourth of July, we had no special plans. You did have a very patriotic dress to wear (a gift from auntie Becky). I made a red, white and blue garland that you couldn't stop admiring (thanks baby!), we baked shortcakes for dessert and dad had to scooter to the next city over to find some fireworks for us. But you loved the sparklers so much it was worth it.

We almost went to the zoo, but didn't. We tried to go swimming in the lake, but it was too smelly (from algae or something). I planned to take you strawberry picking, but changed my mind.

No matter. We had a great vacation anyway. When you feel like you're always somewhere else - work, visiting, in your own mind - then home is your getaway.


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