January 3, 2012

December 31st, 2011

Dear Sofia,

The beginning of your second year just started and it's coming to a close already. We had the neighbors over for NYE, scattered confetti and you admired the balloons - as you always do. You brought everyone joy with your giggles - as you always do.

You continually surprise me with what you know and how your personality comes out in little ways. Once a snuggler, you're now much harder to pin down; running from here to there, finding baby doll to feed, vacuuming, playing in the fort.. a busy girl doesn't always have time for mom and dad's affection.

But I instituted something called the "nose smoosh" several months ago, and you still oblige me (and now, daddy too). If I ask you for a smoosh, you wrinkle your tiny nose and go in like you're asking for a smooch. Usually you're not satisfied with just one. That's ok with me.

Happy new year to my baby girl.


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