January 21, 2012

January 21st, 2012

Dear Sofia,

You've always loved water, since you were a little one.

Maybe it's because I had my heart set on a water birth.. maybe because I was a minnow myself growing up in 10,000 lakes country... maybe because your daddy is a skiing - water and frozen water - aficionado.

You were born at a hospital two blocks away from a lake, and spent many afternoon stroller rides alongside a lake too. That's just what living on an isthmus does to you, I guess. For living in the landlocked midwest we certainly have more than our fair share of H2O.

We only got to take you swimming once last summer due to our fear of late-summer "bloom" (meaning, bacteria that flourishes in the warmest waters). So we settle for lots of baths during these chilly days.

No sooner have I turned on the water than you come running. Even if it's the sink faucet, you have to find out if it's time for a "baf." If it is, you ask about a thousand times if it's hot. I make sure it's room temperature at most. It's far too cold if you ask me!

You love to play with the water, filling up cups and emptying them out again. The introduction of a small yellow saucepan and spatula has given you new activities - now, in addition to pouring, you can stir.

The one thing you hate is having the shampoo rinsed from your hair. Lying back in the water makes you panic and I don't know why. Second to hair rinsing is when it's time to be done. But, the owl towel (which is fun to use and say) has helped a little. Still, I think you'd be happy to wrinkle away in your chilly water for hours if I let you. Silly girl.



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