March 8, 2008

Favorite photo of the week!

Because you can't possibly have heard enough about Paris Hilton this week, here's the latest!
Yup, that's her meeting with an ascetic of unknown origin. Presumably he's enlightening her to going back to her natural hair color? One can only pray.

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cityfarmer said...

Thank God I hadn't heard the news about PH...weening myself...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Paris who? "Sadly" I have no idea what ms hilton is up to lately so thank you for the much needed update.
SADLY I can't even find a moment to hunt down the old email where you gave your phone number.
Call me would ya???

Julee Ann said...

I see that the public can vote for their favs on the wedding page!
Before I cast mine is there a way we could see what the bridesmaid dresses are going to look like? It's all about the girls, ya know? :)
You've got my vote on the guys not wearing tuxes! Brilliant!
I told Tony to mark you down in Jen's calendar. She'll contact you around the first of April.
Anxious to see the bridesmaid dresses--you wouldn't want a MI/FL voting fiasco on your hands!!!

Owen said...

Just what a young girl whose life has thus far been a meaningless illusion needs...

... an old man to teacher that life is actually a meaningless illusion.


Owen said...


"teach her"

Câmera Digital said...
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