March 26, 2008

Important update about the border fence

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Our research team just got off the phone with one of our key contacts in Rep. Duncan Hunter's office and learned moredisturbing news about the border fence.

According to our contact, the fence-gutting provision that was put into the omnibus spending bill just before Christmas alsocauses the Department of Homeland Security's authority onconstructing new border fencing to expire at the end of this year.

In essence, the sun sets on the border fence on December 31 ofthis year! In fact, our contact tells us the bill languagecould be interpreted as a prohibition against any fence construction after December 31 of this year.

Here's the exact provision from H.R. 2764: "In carrying out this section, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall -- "(i) identify the 370 miles, or other mileage determined by the Secretary, whose authority to determine other mileage shall expire on December 31, 2008, along the southwest border where fencing would be most practical and effective..."

Think about what this means... The next President will have no clear legal authority to build any of the border fence at all. We will have a pro-amnesty president who not only doesn't want to build the double-layer fence, he or she legally does not have to!

As a result, this fall's elections could prove less important for border security than what you and I do right now to restore theSecure Fence Act. In three weeks, Ron De Jong and I will take part in a major press conference with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill to present your petition to Restore the Secure Fence Act.

Right now, we have 117,969 signers. We simply must have250,000 petitions in three weeks. Please forward this message to 10 or 20 friends today and ask them to join you in signing the petition to restore the Secure Fence Act. Click link below to sign:

Again, what you and I do NOW could prove more important for border security than the November elections.

Thank you so much for signing the petition and spreading the word.

Steve Elliott, President,

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