August 10, 2008

Ain't No Change in His Game

Last Thursday, in political threads all across the nation, the twitter was undoubtedly focused on John McCain's recent television ads targeting Obama's elitist persona. Perhaps you have not seen these ads? They liken Senator Obama to Britney Spears, citing his recent jump to celebrity status as he caroused around the globe, spreading his unfounded message of "change" to other unfortunate countries (tip: they don't cast a vote, so conserve your fuel, will ya?).

The virtual newsrooms have picked up on the story, each one clinging to a barebones story for fear of promoting an actual opinion, though predictably, the focus is on Obama's reaction to these ads, not even attempting to give equal time to McCain's intention behind them.

I do not support McCain. I am yet undecided on casting a vote at all come November 8th. However I must ask are McCain's jabs about Obama's undeserved popularity so far from the truth? Isn't Obama just using a brand of surface-grazing rhetoric that any celebrity with an opinion finds impossible to resist shouting to the audience, now that an audience is so ready and willing to listen? The question is, is McCain's claim unsubstantiated?

"Basically what they're (the current administration) saying to you is, 'We know we didn't do a good job, but he's (Obama) too risky.' Well let me tell you something. When we are in such dire straits economically, when our foreign policy has gotten so messed up, what's the bigger risk: choosing change, or choosing to do the same things that got us into this mess in the first place?"
--Barack Obama

He sure talks like a celebrity; scripted. But I've heard Ben Affleck speak about Darfur off-the-cuff with more compassion.

Obama's brilliant conclusion that "choosing change" would automatically improve the state of our economy and foreign policies is sophomoric. Will choosing a socialist system (which Obama subversively supports by way of increasing government control and programs to the nth degree) really turn this country around within his- at most- eight year career? It's a little more than audacious, it's just plain idiotic.

But if Obama really wants to push ahead with his rhetoric, his elitist priorities, his "I-know-better-than-you" platform, let him do it. And if he is still in need of a VP runningmate, I nominate Ginger Spice, formerly of the Spice Girls. She's been a UN ambassador for ten years so she's got the experience, and she might lend just the kick of girl power Obama's campaign needs. Just a suggestion.

McCain's two ads targeting Obama's celebrity status

One response: pay attention for the Obama camp's response ("Blah blah blah"). Now who's acting like a political child?

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I cannot hardly bare to look at his face...

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