August 13, 2008

Fall fashion tips, pt. I

I applaud Target for employing the talents of more upscale designers, I really do. And now that Isaac Mizrahi is finally moving on there is a nice little platform available for whomever can clamor to the top of the not-quite-a-department-store market.

But seriously, who do they think they're fooling offering this jacket to middle America?

Yeah, I know I'm stereotyping "middle America" a little by asking that question. But I sincerely believe the majority of Target devotees are not going out in public wearing this. They're not even wearing it in the privacy of their own homes. Maybe, just maybe, their little girls are using it for playing 80s career gal dress-up, but I doubt it.

Trust me, if you're not Japanese you will look ridiculous in this "fashion-forward" piece.

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