January 11, 2009

Let It Be Heard

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Paul Washer, this will be a wonderful introduction for you.

Mr. Washer is unlike any other pastor or speaker I've ever heard in his utter devotion to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a measured, thoughtful and, at other times, radical and emotional way. Regardless of his audience, Mr. Washer always points them to Christ, His propitiation for us on the cross and God's justice and desire for us to renew our minds in His Word.

Even if you already went to church today this sermon is worth a listen as you spend time in family worship, or by yourself in contemplation of the new life you have been given in Christ, and by God.

When is it not a good time to contemplate the new life God has given you?

Title of the sermon is, "The Rewards of Discipleship"



Farmgirl Cyn said...

Tried to listen to this, but all I am getting is a lot of static with a very faint voice in the background.
Any ideas?

cityfarmer said...


Victoria said...

I just tested the link and it goes right to the Sermonaudio website. Just click on the play button (no need to download it first); there is an announcement first about who uploaded the sermon, but keep listening for Paul Washer.

If this doesn't work, you can download the file and play it on your itunes or whatever player you use. It really is a good one! Best wishes.


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