January 5, 2009

Things I Want to Do in 2009

I don't usually make these, but this year I decided to. Let's see how many I actually accomplish!


1. Pay off at least three substantial debts

2. Sponsor a child from world vision

3. Learn how to take good photographs (ahem! I could use help!)
(here's a start)

4. Get my health under control: develop healthy eating, sleeping and exercising regimens

5. Put away more savings money; keep a budget

6. Spend significantly less than I earn; donate more than I do

7. Work a higher-wage job with more responsibility

8. Write with more clarity and on more variety of topics

9. Read at least 20 books; decrease dependence on computer and internet for entertainment

10. Get involved with a social group of some kind (church, hobby, charity, sport)

What do you plan on doing differently, or better, or omitting this year? Let's get creative!


cityfarmer said...

Glad you asked

Don and I are reading thru the Bible

Logging all food and exercise

Organizing the entire house including Christmas stuff.(You are welcome to look thru what I am deleting)

Falling more in love

We, too decided to give more, and donate our time to places that need us.

Your list is inspiring.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I don't know if you can out do your achievements from 08'....getting married is a biggie!
I think you ALREADY write very articulately, and you seem to have a huge variety of topics you touch on!
We could all try to do what you have written, especially the parts concerning finances during these rocky times.
Hope you are staying home tonite and getting cozy...heard you guys were really getting hit with the snow.

Victoria said...

Yes, FGC, if I can add one more... helping out with snow shoveling more often! It's good exercise, too.

We stayed home but are going tonight to sled with friends.


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