February 8, 2009

New photos...

I have been meaning to go to the cemetery to take photos since I got this new camera.

I know what you're thinking, "the cemetery? eww," but trust me with great light on a 40 degree plus day it's a great place to pull yourself out of a way-too-somber daily grind and focus on something different.

Very different. Do you contemplate dying? And what will happen thereafter? I don't really; certainly not as much as one might expect a pseudo artist like me to reflect on. But I pondered as I walked around the large, rolling hill infused plots, "how do you decide what type of stone will immortalize you?" Amongst other, more heady and profound thoughts, I assure you.

Thus I wondered how someone in 1842 could or would anticipate someone in 2009 walking gingerly around his small, eternal plot of land snapping photos. Was the camera invented yet? I don't even know.

Anyway, here are some photos from today. I don't mean for them to be ominous, or a reminder of anything, and so if they are, please know that I did not intend such things. Just wanted to share some crisp photos taken on a crisp day. Please comment.

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