February 2, 2009

Congratulations to my sister!

My lovely older sister Becky just found out she was accepted with full tuition and a generous stipend to the dietary sciences program at the University of North Carolina! She will be concentrating in gluten-free diet and health.

This is wonderful news, that she will be able to get her Master's while her husband is also stationed there. Currently they are at Fort Benning in Georgia, but will move to North Carolina for the summer, and Becky will begin classes in the fall.

Congratulations to her and her continuing education!


cityfarmer said...

This really special.

You must have taken this picture when you were home for Christmas.

Congrats to Becky for such a great achievement.

You two are soooooo cute.

Victoria said...

Thank you! It's too bad she doesn't read my blog otherwise she'd see the annoucement. :( But I will pass along everyone's well-wishes.

I will be posting a Christmas post on Homeward Bound soon! I have a LOT of photos to go through first...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

WOW! How cool is that! Tell her congrats - does she eat gluten free too? Miss you. Got your message. Too funny.

Victoria said...

Yes, my sister has actually been diagnosed with celiac. She even had an endoscopy- yuck. One of her sons was diagnosed, too (Connor on the sidebar).

She's hardcore gf- more than me. For her birthday this weekend she's going to whole foods, tj's and a gf bakery in Atlanta.


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