February 20, 2009

Friday Funny (a.k.a Oh, Ann...)

... Ann Coulter, that is.

I have never been a fan of hers. Honestly, I haven't! Nor can I say that somehow, by this video clip, my mind has been forever changed... nope, not quite.

I will, however, give her props for doing her best to answer Behar's asinine questions ("Is it because they [Republican women] have more money and are more relaxed? Is that why they have better orgasms?") and, in the process, managing to make herself look composed, competent and - surprise!- less confrontational than the co-host of the View.

There are some truly great moments here, not the least being when Ann starts rattling off some of the elements of the "stimulus" bill, to which Behar replies that they don't have time for long answers because she has more questions for Ann!

Another one: Behar sets Ann up to cry foul at her [Ann's] recent treatment on the View (for which she does not take the bait). When there is a legitimate dispute over Barbara Walters's reading of Coulter's book, Behar says Ann should've been more sensitive to Walters's Jewish background and not said she was reading Ann's book like it was "Mein Kompf." Seriously?

Enjoy your Friday!!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

To my shame, I have to say that I love Ann Coulter! Her books are fascinating, and watching her take down Joy in this clip was fabulous!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Sorry, I know she is an abrasive be-ach but I love Ann, simply because she is so, "screw you, Im a conservative and you are just plain stupid"
She is so over the top, it cracks me up. Think of what kind of balls it takes to be like that.
She is def not my favorite, but this clip was great.

Let's put it this way, I hate Joy more than I love Ann. Joyless Bayhar.

Victoria said...

Hey, I'm neither a fan nor a naysayer of Coulter. But the lady definitely has some cajones to say what she does and when she does. THAT is admirable!

"Joyless" Bayhar.. 'nuf said.

Stephanie H. said...

Somebody has to stand up to Joy. Anne did a great job.


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