May 18, 2009

Badges, Cookies and... Labyrinths?

Long before I became a raging environmentalist turned conservative self-appointed semi-journalist, I was a proud member of Girl Scout troop #438. In recollection, I even remember our creed (or at least part of it): "On my honor I will try to... serve God and my country and to live by the Girl Scout Law." The 'law' being to do our best to live respectfully, upholding the morals our leaders - all Christian women- sought to instill or enrich in each of us.

Besides surviving thunderstormed-out camping trips, making puppets for charity, bowling and completing super cool science experiments (I was a science-minded kid), we appropriately served our community by singing Christmas carols at old folks' homes and serving meals to homeless people. But this wasn't a mandate by our national organizers; it was the choice of each leader team what to do with their girls, the activities chosen intended to both compel fun and educate in right and wrong (in a myriad of situations), providing intentional guidance for sometimes confused, always questioning elementary school children that we were. And you know what? I think our Girl Scout leaders did a pretty darn good job, and without the aid of meditation trances or "girl positivity" indoctrination curriculum.

So, imagine my surprise when I read about the new programming for the Girl Scouts of America, replete with a slant on new ageism and women's empowerment (which is guaranteed to instill in girls that the world is unfairly imbalanced and that, despite their hopes and dreams, they actually can't be whatever they want to be!).

* Click here to read the World Net Daily story on the NEW Girl Scouts *

It appears they had to do some digging, not just into the new mysticism of "post-Christian" America, but deep into our nation's lower ranks of historical figures for their "Your Voice Your World" unit (for high school girls), citing several "influential" women such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Luisa Moreno, Rigoberta Menchu, Emily Greene Balch, Ethel Mary Smyth, Jeanette Rankin, Pauli Murray and Shirley Chisholm.

I know a few names on the list because they're politicians. The others are a mystery to me; do you recognize Rigoberta Menchu, Ethel Mary Smyth, Pauli Murray? How about what they have done or whose views they represent? Turns out- and this comes as to surprise given the ideology of the "Your World" program- they have one thing in common: they're all avid and adament feminists. And, most of them are lesbians.

You may be asking whether or not any non-feminist women are utilized as examples in the program? Yes, Mother Teresa and Sojourner Truth are also mentioned. That is, without mentioning their faith in God virtually at all.

Are militant feminists and open lesbians the types of women that the GSA (Girl Scouts of America) wants to lead our fragile young women into the arms of? Not only is that idea disgusting, it's also emotionally damaging, anti-family and, ultimately, anti-Christian. So much for serving God and our country and living by the Girl Scout Law; apparently you can only choose one or the other now.


Bonjour Madame said...

Once again, I am stunned. You keep me informed on so many things!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I am so behind on blogs but I chose yours to start my catch up -
I think I am going to barf. This is outrageous.

PS - When are you coming? You're coat is beyond the temptation I can handle.


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