May 6, 2009

The future of the conservative movement?

Honestly, I don't know what to think of this kid. Hot Air ( seems confused, too. Anyone else have an opinion?

My instinct is to say, "Whether it's asking Meghan McCain or looking to children for answers on reviving conservatism, we're definitely in trouble," but maybe that's unfair. Your thoughts? Leave 'em in the comment box.


Bonjour Madame said...

Dear Cavuto, please shut up and let him finish a thought. The kid is right, do what works, Reagan and his ideas worked. All of the good that Reagan did for the Republican party slowly eroded with three Bush terms. I have nothing against the Bush presidents, but they tried to be too middle of the road and we are worse off because of it.

Anonymous said...

Sharp kid - I wish Neil would've let the kid finish something more substantive, rather than interrupting him with rubbish.

I agree with Bonjour Madame, "put a sock in it Neil and let the young man articulate a complete thought."

Conclusion: The young man has a brain, he's a republican ;)

Victoria said...

So true- the party drifted toward the middle and we are worse off because of it. I feel like the republican party is just...confused.

I think Michael Savage said the conservatives are now a constituency without a party! Seems right.

Ha! Again, Savage says liberalism is a mental disease... Well, he might be onto something there. Goodnight, smart conservative friends!

Tom and Cindy said...

Amazing and interesting. Would have liked to listened to him a little longer to see what he really thinks.
Very interesting.

PS. Love what socrates1 said in conclusion!


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