May 16, 2009

Saturday's Dish: Pajamas Media on Elizabeth Edwards's new book

If the sincere honesty found in her analysis of wives on the left (and the men they're married to) doesn't grab you, surely her trenchant comment, "If you need to ask a man for fidelity as a wedding present, you already know something's wrong!" will.

This is Sonja Schmidt's take on Elizabeth Edwards's new book, "Resilience."


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Where do you FIND this stuff??? I have never heard of this gal before! Very interesting take on the whole subject. Too bad for E. Edwards.

Bonjour Madame said...

I was waiting on someone in the media to call this out. I'm glad someone finally did. Who does this? Who writes a book about this situation and then goes on talk shows to discuss it to death?

This commentator is great!

cityfarmer said...

omg...I watched this over and over.

money talks!!!

hey, thot we were going to see you????

Victoria said...

Cyn- Oh, I guess you could say I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with my laptop! And, yes, it is very awful that her husband cheated on her. But... trying to make money off the incident strikes me as a bad way to gain sympathy.

B. Madame- It's Pajamas Media! They have all sorts of great commentators, including Andrew Claven, whose "shut up" video I posted a while ago.

City- I didn't go (was sick), N stayed over at Y&J's. N lost the cell phone and then the phone card ran out and he didn't know how to recharge it.. Pretty abysmal overall! I'll give you a call before this weekend.

ithinkican said...

Do we really want to hear the "real" true story? Not really...
Does it need to be put in a book and then taken on talk show tour? Not really....
Love this gal's take on the whole thing/
Yes we are simply pained for Elizabeth and what happened to her marriage, and we are certainly hoping and praying that she get well and stay well. I just felt the book was not the action she should have taken. Sad.


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