October 5, 2009

Please Pray for my Aunt Monica

I know that anyone who reads this blog probably does pray, and often. I want to put in a request for the healing of my Aunt Monica's pancreas, which she hurt in an accident several years ago and has had problems with ever since. This summer she was hospitalized twice, and now she is in for a third time. She is very worried that, given the seriousness of her pancreas failing, she may not survive.

Please pray for a possible surgery that would grow liver cells onto her pancreas to restore it, or that she could survive without this organ. People who lose their pancreas usually end up having severe diabetes and sometimes are completely disabled because of the complications. But that would be a blessing considering there is a strong possibility she may not make it through a surgery at all, or the pancreatic failure would mean the end of her life.

She is a young woman - only 45 - and has a wonderful husband (my uncle on my mom's side) and three great kids. Her oldest, Kyle, is my favorite cousin. They are a very close family and would be devastated by losing her. Please pray for her recovery, in some form. Thank you.


cityfarmer said...

Father God, show these precious souls Yourself thru this crisis. We look to You for all of our strength and the peace that passes all understanding. Bless this family with healing and the faith to walk down this road. We know that somehow, someway good will come from this trial.

We know that You cannot be our all in all unless You are all we have ... Thank You Father for Your unchanginng ways.

Bonjour Madame said...

What a lovely prayer from CF. I will pray too.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Will do dear one.

BTW - Package arriving tomorrow but did not have apt. no.
Keep an eye out. Way to ruin the surprise. Sorry.

cityfarmer said...

any updates on Aunt Monica?

Here's hoping you have a wonderful BD

Victoria said...

Unfortunately I don't have any updates on her yet. Hopefully soon.

Thank you for the prayers ladies. I can't imagine the kids - the youngest is about 12 - thinking they might lose their mom. Terrible! God help them not to be afraid.

Burkulater said...

Said a prayer for her. I hope she's on the mend very, very soon.


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