October 18, 2009

Rushing to Destroy a Man

*For those of you who don't use Hot Air (www.hotair.com) as a daily news source, you may be unawares of the superb, anonymous contributor named Doctor Zero. He consistently delivers trenchant analysis of the absurd goings-on we see played out via the White House socialist program, their mainstream media cohorts and big-name/low-class leftist ideology bloggers who love them.

But before you read his, I'd like to unravel the not-so mysterious fears of the media behind the complete shutting down of Rush Limbaugh's prospective bid for partial ownership of the St. Louis Rams. First, Al Sharpton drummed up negative controversy over some racist statements he alleged that Limbaugh made. No one could verify or source the quotes but even so, every major cable outlet (except Fox of course) ran with the white-hot story of an evil white man who got rich of being a bigot only to have his reputation stained by the very divisive remarks he made.

Then a "race studies" junior professor got onto MSNBC and posed the theory that Limbaugh wants ownership of the Rams because it's like "owning slaves." That allegation is so ludicrous and demeaning that the host should have questioned it. Instead, she and everyone else at her white-guilt riddled agency felt the "responsibility" to repeat the theory again and again, in an attempt to rid themselves of the undesired labor involved in actually sticking to a journalistic conviction that people should be given the benefit of the doubt, especially when such a disgusting claim is being made. But again, we live in a time...

Unfortunately the quote allegations turned out to be completely false. The quotes were finally sourced to someone other than Limbaugh; in fact, to an imaginary person. But since we live in a time when a Presidential con-didate does not have to prove he's an American citizen before the media annoints him, no one bothered to see if the quote was real or not before plastering it all over their pathetic "news" channels.

See how ravenous they all were to bring Rush down? Reminds me a little of the Palin debauchle; is being a little "country" really worth discrediting a woman to the point of calling her a "dumb b---ch?" Likewise, Rush Limbaugh never made the comments Al Sharpton alleged, nor would his audience have put up with it if he had. But, again, we live in a time when "conservative values" equals "racist teabaggers" in the minds of so many talking heads on ABC, CNN and MSNBC. It's amazing that on the word of Al Sharpton, himself no stranger to racist comments (or can only white people be racist?), several players from the Rams signed a petition to remove Limbaugh from the bid for ownership of the team. As if they have ever asked who owns the team before first finding out how much they'll be getting paid this season.

So a man's dream has been utterly foiled by incompetancy, irresponsible and irrational accusation. Please, let's remember how many chances Obama got, how many quotes were explained away, how many associations discredited, so that he could achieve his dream. The difference between owning a footbal team and being the director of the free world? Apparently, some dreams are worth lying to save, and some are not.

Link to Doctor Zero's "Defending the Invincible" on Hot Air
(also will be linked in my side bar Doctor Zero section)


Paul said...

For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.

Victoria said...

Paul, that's a funny comment. I would see your point, except that the statements attributed to Rush have been thoroughly discredited. Some anchors have even apologized to Limbaugh for reporting false information.

I understand you dislike him, but how does a false accusation serve to judge him? The reporters lied to slander him. The blood is on their hands, so to speak.

Burkulater said...

The funny thing is that everyone knows he's very right-winged. It amazes me this hasn't happened to this extent in the past. Apparently, it's a crime to be anything other that ultra-liberal.

Victoria said...

True that, Burk.


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