October 15, 2009

You Don't Want to Work With This Guy

Let's get this straight, just for the record. The Obama administration does not use its own people as a shield.

However, if there's a way to make things happen and somebody needs to take the fall, it may as well be someone whose name will be forgotten. Not Barack Obama; it's practically a brand name. But maybe someone else...

So if you're Yosi Sergeant, you might get the boot after you've successfully drummed up an art campaign for promoting "the President's platform." A campaign that the White House's Office of Public Engagement asked you to coalesce the moronic street art movement to push.

And if you're Anita Dunn, you'd better get your resume in order for when you start sounding a little too confident about the perils of Fox News, and the White House dismisses you in order to "distance themselves" from the stir caused in the general population.

Who can forget Obama's good pal Van Jones, the self-professed communist who wanted to set into action a real distribution of wealth plan - which was inspired by the President, - who got shown the back door when the public outcry against his philosophy rang loudly. Obama said he didn't even know Jones had a real position in the cabinet. Really?

ACORN makes an appearance on the list with several low-level employee firings that took place after the prostitution sting revealed illegal operations in five different offices around the nation. In his usual I-didn't-know-anything-about-that way, our President disloyaled this group faster than the ACORN ladies offered to help the kids evade taxes.

Obama's done that before, of course, with Jeremiah Wright. The man who Obama claimed was like family to him was thrown to the wolves with meat tied around his neck. And by that I mean Wright's own words pouring out of his mouth. Self-indicted, or sacrificed by a candidate hungrier for a famous office than the Reverand was to distort the Gospel?

Last, but really first, to go off the radar was Vice President Joe Biden. He's the foreign policy expert who, when shown not to know his way around the Middle East countries, was relegated to fetching O's morning caffeine and nictotine binge. You can call him VP Cup O' Joe now. Hilary Clinton should thank her lucky stars that she wasn't vetted for VP to the big B.O. Surely political suicide would have been her fate then, too.

Of course, the media would have you believe that Glenn Beck singlehandedly brought these people down, or at least some of them. The others "made mistakes" or "spoke out of turn" or simply proved incompetant. But despite their inadequacies, they all have something in common: they were all appointed to a position of power by President Obama. Whether it was through silent compliance with their rhetoric, or explicit direction, President Obama is responsible for building them up and, likewise, bringing them down.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...


Didn't get even dog his own Mom or Gramma or something like that.

He is such a genuine person. He gives me such nice feelings inside.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

And, lest we forget, Anita's favorite philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung. WHY am I shocked at this? Every time I turn around there is some new revelation as to the socialist/communist agenda of this administration.
MUST keep my eyes upon Jesus....then the things of earth will look strangely dim....

The Rustic Victorian said...

totally 100% true! Im with ya,,,many of us are....

socrates1 said...

Lest we forget the open allegations of his potential unlawful incumbency, as being not meeting the citizenship requirement of eligibility.

I'm quite saddened at the fact that the integrity of our Constitution has been taken so lightly, after all, it is the foundation of ALL Law in America.

Victoria said...

Socrates1, so true! Without the founding documents there wouldn't be laws to manipulate, and people to blame for breaking them. The irony is thick.

And to think, Obama supposedly practiced constitutional law! I can't imagine what he thought he was doing... based on how little he seems to value our Constitution now.


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