November 28, 2010

November 28th, 2010

Dear Sofia,

Today, Sunday, is the Lord's day. We did not go to church because we haven't found one in Madison yet. Of course, there are many churches here. But most are so liberal that it just won't work for us to sit under that kind of teaching. There is one church that we went to, and there was no problem with it, but for some reason we haven't been back after the two times we initially attended. This isn't right; for your sake especially we need to be worshiping with other believers and hearing the gospel on a regular basis. I hope that we will start attending again soon - even if it means I have to walk around with you while you cry or fuss during the service.

You and I had a lot of time together today, snuggling on the couch after grandma and grandpa left to drive back to Minnesota. Then, we gave up altogether and took a nap. Around 4 p.m. I thought we should take a walk before it got too dark out. Somewhere in the process of getting the stroller from outside, fitting you into it and heading out, Pousse-Pousse escaped. It was probably my fault. We didn't realize he was gone until we came back from our walk and he wasn't around. Your dad and I searched high and low, under the bed and in the closets, but no Pousse.

Your dad and I both went out looking for him. Then I buckled you into the carseat and we drove around the apartment complex trying to spot him. Before we left I asked God to return Pousse to us, safe and unharmed, tonight. By now it was dark and cold, and I worried that he was lost forever. I've had Pousse since 2004 and don't want to lose him.

Just when I was going to give up and go back home, I turned into another part of the complex and the headlights shone on two little shiny eyes under an evergreen tree. I knew it was our cat. I stopped the car and went over to him, afraid he would run when he saw me. Instead, he meowed when I called to him and came right over to me. I think he was cold and scared, as he seemed grateful I was there to rescue him.

Do you see how God answers prayers, even those that we think are small and silly, like finding our missing cats? You will encounter many people in your life who think that someone asking God to find their cat is ridiculous, and that God has better things to do. Even though He does do many, many things that probably seem more important to those people, He loves us and takes care of us in every way. And that includes finding lost kitties.

We are thankful to God today for being so trustworthy and faithful to us, so that we can be faithful in Him.


cityfarmer said...

awwwhhhh ... pousse ...
so glad he's safe and warm ... we love pousse
God is faithful, even in the little things like kitties.

Burkulater said...

Congratulations on your new little Sofia! She is absolutely beautiful! So many blessings are about to come your way.

So thankful our little prayers are answered. God works and He is a big God, indeed!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh, This story made me cry. Was Nic with you when you found him??? I could feel that frantic feeling in the pit of my stomach when you can't find a pet.
I am so happy to hear that God was glorified in this story. Perhaps he just wanted you to know he cares about even the smallest things in our lives...
Such a good story Victoria.


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