November 2, 2010

Lookin' Like Fools With their Pants on the Ground

Does that title really fit the post? Maybe not, but aren't you as excited as I am for the mid-term elections today???

Is this the first time you've heard - or you yourself have been - excited AT ALL about mid-term elections? Heck, tons of people don't even know they're going on or plan to vote in them. Fine with me! That means only those who really want to overturn the debauchle of Obama's reign will come out and cast their say. HEAR, HEAR!

What races are YOU excited about? We've managed to live in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin over the last three years, all states that could benefit immensely from a change in leadership. Michigan? Sheesh, they might not go completely bankrupt if Granholm can be unseated. And here in Wisconsin the big thing is getting rid of Feingold. Thankfully, Wisconsin residents have had enough of his shenanigans and will probably oust him by the end of the day.

Are you in a state that will see some great CHANGE today? The change you can believe in? Ha!

By the way, I will be taking my daughter (I have a daughter!) to the polls with me today. I hope that alone is a testament to how important today's vote casting is, that I would bring a ten-day-old baby to the polling place. I just cannot stay home, there is no way I would not participate today.

Get out and vote!


Aunt Julee said...

Yeah, if we're not careful Michigan could become a red state!!! ;-)

Hope to meet Sofia soon and would love to get to chat with you for an extended time!

Hello to Papa Nic, as well!

cityfarmer said...

the people spoke for certain.


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