December 14, 2010

December 14th, 2010

Dear Sofia,

I hope we can instill in you a love for the America we knew as kids, or at least cherish in our hearts.

In that America, we say "Merry Christmas!" with verve and throw change (or, gold coins as of late) in Salvation Army buckets at this time of year. You know, those red buckets that have been banned at so many places because the SA is a "Christian organization."

In that America we bake Christmas cookies and put up Christmas trees. We sing Christmas carols that are - surprise - about Christ!

I'm sure this makes no sense to you because in the America you've grown up in abhors the mere mention of Christ, especially around the anniversary time of His birth. There is no prayer in public schools: high school football players aren't allowed to thank God for their touchdowns, nor are parents allowed to thank God for their graduating students' accomplishments, or for the meal they are about to eat before a school fund-raising dinner.

Yet, Christmas day is a federal holiday. Everyone exchanges Christmas gifts (although sometimes they are said to be from a "Secret Santa." Christmas symbolism is everywhere because people like it - and they like it because, deep down, they know God is real, was born in a manger and is the Lord of all creation. They're only practicing "secular Christmas" because they are rebellious!

Like I said, I hope we are able to give you the Christmas traditions and memories that honor Christ, as they should. Where families enjoy - and don't dread - spending time together. Where it's not all about how many presents you get or, if you're an adult, how tech savvy or luxe they are (*we will exchange presents; they will be things we think will make each other smile, but we know they won't complete us or truly make us happy).

Christmas is about Christ. 'Nuf said.

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cityfarmer said...

It's going to be a rough road, but I think we can do it ...

can't wait to see you all


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