December 3, 2010

December 3rd, 2010

Dear Sofia,

I heard a staggering and horrible statistic this morning, that black people only account for 6% of Wisconsin's population, but acquire 25% of the state's abortions. What a sad state of affairs that black women are being led to believe the lie that they are better off not keeping their children.

For many women, myself included, being a mom is the most rewarding thing one can do. I know it's work, too, and a lot of women don't want to do it, or aren't ready to, or do have a medical issue that makes carrying to term risky.

But... most women having abortions - and they are mostly young women - don't fall into the high risk category; they have no idea what to expect with a pregnancy/motherhood so they believe whatever some supposedly well-meaning abortion clinic staff member (usually another women) tells them.

Sometimes it's, "Oh honey, you don't want to give up going to college do you?" (As if going to college is some guarantee of a happy or successful life! Please!)

Or maybe, "Now, going through the birth process will be VERY painful and VERY risky. An abortion is, by comparison, a much lower risk operation." (This is something a Planned Parenthood doctor actually said.)

And sometimes, "You don't have to keep this baby and raise it if you don't want to." (But they don't tell you that someone else may want the chance to, by adopting him or her!)

I've probably said this many times before, that even when I was a liberal the issue of abortion never sat right with me. I would frequently (because I am very timid in person) shirk the question of which side I fell on by responding that I'd "need to be in that position to really know what I'd do," or I'd say that I wouldn't do it but didn't think I'd want to restrict someone else's access either. Neither of those statements were really true. I never liked the idea of someone killing their baby, even when it was "just a fetus" (like using a different name for "baby" makes it less of a person - that never made sense to me either).

Wisconsin Pro Life is putting up billboards all over Milwaukee that say "Black is beautiful" and "Black babies are in trouble." Yes, they are in trouble because their moms are going to be fed a lot of lies about babies (you'd be surprised how little young women actually know about babies' growth and needs) and their ability to take care of them.

Be strong, pregnant young women in Wisconsin. I was scared when I found out about Sofia, too... a lot of apprehension surrounded the situation... but when I was "actually in the position" to make a choice, well... there was no choice. It was clear. And it will be clear in your heart and conscience, too. Black is beautiful, life is beautiful, and the bond you and baby will have together is the most beautiful.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

And THIS is a beautiful post.
On Fox News last night they talked about a couple who are blogging about whether or not to have an abortion. They are asking you to vote!!! Un-freakin-believable....

cityfarmer said...

no way .... what ...
I suppose they have hundreds of comment, too.

this is a beautiful post, I'll second that.

and thank you for being such a committed mommy to our grandaughter, Sofia

Victoria said...

Cyn... that is unbelievable... how awful.. just think if they decide to keep the baby, and one day he/she finds that blog! Oh.. I would be devastated.


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